I did it again

Saturday, November 19th, 2016

I remember when I was 17, I put gas in our Silhouette and it stalled right away when I started to drive it all because I had put diesel in it instead of unleaded. I didn’t know it mattered what gas you put in. So it cost my parents $300 to get it all pumped out.

Yesterday I was picking my son up from school and I was driving my mom’s car because my own car makes a cracking sound up front under the hood and maybe around the right wheel and I don’t feel safe driving it because I don’t know if it’s dangerous or what it is I am hearing and I just had my car fixed again. But I had to get gas because it got on empty and I didn’t want to run out so I pulled right into the gas station and it went from ten miles to five and then to zero just like that and all of a sudden the gas gage went from showing how much I had left right to zero just like that because of a computer thing. So I decided to put in ten bucks and the man puts the nozzle in but then tells me it won’t fit. I am like “what” so I get out and see the nozzle is in but the cap says diesel. I asked the guy if the gas is diesel he is putting in and he goes it’s unleaded. I told him it says diesel and then he asked “Cancel” and I said “yes” and he cancels and then he asks me for a receipt and I say yes and he gives it to me. Right away I park the car than drive it and call my dad. I told him what happened and I stayed parked. He had to call the car dealer place where they bought the car from and told them what happened and then he came got me. My mom thought the guy was an idiot for putting unleaded in my car because it said diesel on the cover. I felt it wasn’t his fault because he asked me “regular” and I said yeah and I didn’t know the car took diesel. I gaurentee if I were doing it myself, I would not have made that mistake because I would have saw it said diesel.  But I could tell the man didn’t speak good English because he had an accent and he was using single words and he was Mexican so he probably couldn’t read English.

So this morning my dad went to get the car towed to the dealer place because they said not only would they have to pump it, they would have to replace the filter and clean out the engine and flush the fluids. Gosh no wonder it costs so much because they don’t only pump it out. But luckily I didn’t fill it all the way and I only put in a gallon and a half and I parked it right away than driving it so it didn’t stall out. I hope it won’t be as much this time.

Lesson here I have learned is when driving a car that isn’t mine, make sure to know what gas it takes first and check before I drive it.


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