Friday, November 4th, 2016


Watching that episode last night, it got very clear she was mentally ill and she wasn’t some pathological liar and an attention seeker. She really did believe she was pregnant and she even had a belly but it looked like a fat belly but yet in the videos they showed she truly looked pregnant. She even felt the symptoms so I figured she had a phantom pregnancy. But I didn’t like how her mother and sister treated her. I thought they were heartless and had no understanding of mental illnesses and the mother didn’t even try to help her daughter but kicked her out instead. They kept calling her a liar and to me lying implies done with intention, deliberate deceit and a schizophrenic isn’t lying. They really do believe in their delusions and they are real to them. Also she thinks Eminen is her father.

But at least she did know she had problems like she thought she had paranoid schizophrenia and was diagnosed but her mom said she diagnosed herself with it. No a doctor said she had it but according to Dr. Phil, it was never written down but in the second part of the show, they showed a paper where it was mentioned. But it showed her other diagnoses like OCD, ODD, hallucinations, Bipolar. But yet she still believed she was pregnant and was the daughter of Eminen. Also she contradicted herself and would forget what she would say so it didn’t surprise me on Facebook when some people thought she was faking it. Same as when she would takes pauses. Jayden contradicted himself too so I also thought he was a liar. He told me how he would need to be shown everyday 30 days straight how to do something at work or else they would have to start over from scratch but a year later he denied he even said he had that problem and said he doesn’t need a job coach and he can get a job fine. That was because he was also a schizophrenic. They rewrite their history due to their delusions. My aunt rewrites history because of her own delusions and they change all the time. But the girl on the show contradicted herself in one setting, not a few days later or later in the day or a year later. But my aunt does it too in one setting according to my mother’s stories when she told me about seeing her sister and she forgets about her delusion when it changes. So I do think this girl is for real and she truly has problems. But I didn’t like how her mother and sister treated her and how they kept calling her a pathological liar, especially when they said she diagnosed herself. How do they explain her other diagnoses she has? The family kept acting like she is normal instead of ill so they kicked her out instead of trying to get her help. Even she knew she had problems but didn’t know where to get help and how to get it so she was sleeping from one couch to another couch and doing drugs and sleeping with guys for money to survive and she wanted to change it and get help and get on medication to be “normal” so Dr. Phil was going to help her with that. So her mom did get her help after all by going on the show but it was for another reason.

But I wonder what happened when nine days passed and her baby didn’t come?


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