Why I blog

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

Someone reposted a blog entry on their blog and I only read parts of it but the blogger wrote what that blog post was about. It is here.

Not very many people read this blog, in fact very few do less than 10 on average a day. But my other blog is more popular because I get around 250-300 visitors a day on average. But the reason why I blog here is because I like to write out my thoughts and feelings. I do not have anywhere else to talk about it unless I want to keep talking about my same thoughts over and over flooding forums and coming off as an attention seeker and whiner. If you are just doing a blog to get fame and to be popular and to get lot of comments and readers, you are setting yourself up for big disappointment.


2 comments on “Why I blog

  1. You just said on WrongPlanet it’s my fault for not reading PMs? Do you even realize bans don’t even allow it in the first place?


    • Momof2 says:

      The Walrus sent you a PM under one of your other accounts you had to say why you were banned but you never opened it and he sent you it while you were not yet banned. That is what he wrote to me on the forum when I asked why couldn’t he email you to say why you were banned or explain in your ban reason why.


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