Everyone has something wrong with them these days

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

Have you ever noticed online how people always tend to armchair diagnose someone rather it’s BPD, NPD, sociopath, autism, etc. Even I am guilty of it.

I have noticed on Reddit how victims will label their former abuser as a narcissist or as having BPD, I even see questions being posted on there asking if their partner is a narcissist or if they have BPD. I have already written a post here so that also covers this topic.

I think with more awareness of mental illnesses and disorders, people now wonder these days if every rude person has a disorder or someone who is self absorbed or someone who is selfish or a jerk. If someone is difficult, another person might wonder if they have something wrong with them. I have even seen some atheists say online how religion should be a mental illness and asking how is it not an illness. I even told my mother if people can’t even figure out right from wrong and can’t have morals, it must be some sort of impairment. But she disagreed saying it limits your day to day life.

Two weeks back, someone had asked if their partner had BPD because they were asking if any of it sounded like it and I read it and I couldn’t really tell. I told the person I thought people today want to easily label people and they also wonder if someone has a disorder these days. Then I wrote she could just be a shitty person and all it matters is how someone treats you. If they treat you horribly, that is all it matters. Not what disorder they have. And someone else agreed with me and said “this.”

I have heard this over and over “Everyone has problems” but where do you draw the line for disorder and normal? Just when does a problem become a disorder? I find it hard to believe that every person out there has a medical condition or disorder. I have to ask what do people mean by “everyone has problems.” We would have to define what a problem is. To me when I hear “she has problems” to me it means they have something wrong with them, they have a condition that is diagnosed or undiagnosed and they are not ordinary so it’s not just a behavior I am seeing or a personality. It’s something and it needs to be addressed through therapy or treatment. Of course normal people go to therapy too. They go for trauma, go for hurt feelings like if they went through a break up or if they have been raped or went through a divorce. Even parents go if they don’t know what to do with their kid and they need help how to raise their child because some kids are difficult or challenging, not to be confused with special needs. People even go to therapy for if they were in a accident like of they had hit a person and it wasn’t their fault. A kid can go to therapy if they witnessed something like their sibling getting hit by a car. They can also go if there was sexual abuse. A kid can also go if they were being bullied for some reason.

But then again I find it hard to believe every person is on medication, goes to therapy, has been abused, etc. I can’t just walk up to someone and ask them if they have any problems because then it would be rude.


2 comments on “Everyone has something wrong with them these days

  1. I too, had to question whether a person in my life was merely difficult or pathological. It was important to my own healing, confronting the behavior and identifying solutions. It helps to know what you are dealing with and accept and understand a diagnosis rather than stay in a state of ignorance or denial.

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    • Momof2 says:

      For me it was the opposite because it made me let the abuse happen thinking it was all innocent and unintentional and I just had to toughen up. If I wold have known and not accept my ex’s behavior, I would have just moved out and move on and not be concerned about her feelings. That is why I say a diagnoses doesn’t matter. Your own mental health is important too.


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