Starting to think about getting a new car

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

There are so many things wrong with it it’s overwhelming. I only fix the important stuff to keep it running and safe. I take it to a auto shop to get it repaired. I have the following things that are wrong with it:

New paint job

New socket

Sun roof


Water stains

Windshield wipers

Wind shield washer fluid

Starter or fuel pump

Check door sealers and above seal

Wire short

Air bag censor

Check oil


I can fix the water stains and mold myself. I can’t remember when I last had my oil changed. The sticker fell off and it got lost because someone keeps messing with my car so they take stuff like they took the spare key and I accidentally locked my keys in the trunk and I can no longer open it from the driver’s door because it doesn’t work anymore. Now you can only open it with a key. I did try to get it fixed and they said they were unable to do it so car key it is now.

It also has a short in it so the time sometimes resets back to 1:00 and sometimes the numbers fade.

It needs a new socket for the blinker.

The seal above the doors are cracking.

I either need a new starter or a fuel pump since it takes a few seconds for the car to start

Windshield wipers are cheap to replace but I just keep them going to make the windshield clear when it rains

The air bag censor has been off for ten years now when someone backed into the side of my car. I still remember the date when I first saw it flashing on my dashboard. July 6th 2006 it was.

The windshield fluid has not worked in a long time. It won’t spray out so I have stopped at gas stations to clean my windshield. To me it’s no biggie because I don’t get that many bugs hitting my windshield and when it does happen, I just stop at a gas station to clean it

My biggest concerns right now is my body paint is peeling off my car and the sun roof. Since there is rust forming on my car where the paint has peeled off, I am thinking about getting a new car now because since it costs so much for a new paint job, I will mind as well get a new car but tomorrow I am going to talk to my parents about it and get their opinion.

I have been calling my car a piece of junk to my son even though it still runs good. But right now I am focused on the sun roof before I do anything about water stains and mold. But right now I want to talk to my parents about getting a new car and I might just skip the sun roof thing and since tarp is bad for your car, I will mind as well trade it in since the car would get ruined anyway if I kept it because of the sun roof and the tarp.

I sometimes call my car a pos instead of a piece of shit because not something I want to teach my son and have him say in school.

Also stuff is peeling off the windows now on my son’s side. Plus it’s sort of peeling on my driver’s side too. They look just like drops. Plus it’s starting to peel on the back window too behind the seats and my son peeled some leather off my driver’s seat and I yelled at him about it. Another shit my son ruined.

Another thing I have on my mind now is getting rid of my piece of junk car so I wouldn’t have to worry about it and no more anxiety because I wouldn’t have to see it anymore and worry about it. But I would hate to be a burden to my parents. I can always use the Saab if I have to. Hopefully the sunroof in it isn’t leaking since it has been parked under trees for so long. I also call it a piece of junk.

I can always buy rust remover to remove the rust on my car and buy a car water proof cover to keep on my car when it’s cloudy out to protect it from the rain and I would make sure it allows moisture to escape.

I can’t wait until morning. My husband is convinced we are getting a new car and I am unsure. That is why I am talking to my parents about it first so they can tell me if it’s worth getting a new car and if we should just get a new car than trying to get the sun roof fixed. That would be money saved and we would have more money for a down payment and if they are okay with us using their cars until we get our tax money to buy a new car if we don’t have enough in savings for a down payment. I had already starting looking at used cars online.

This would be less stressful if we had a garage to put my car in. But because of no place to put my car in, I am thinking of just getting rid of it since it will be ruined anyway. The tarp won’t protect it because I just read online it ruins the paint and makes it rust due to trapping moisture and the fact when the wind blows, the tarp is like sandpaper to the car and it’s bad for the paint, especially if dirt gets under it. Plus without the tarp, it will just leak if it rains hard and there will be mold on the headboards and stuff and make the car smell and ruin the other stuff in the car who knows what. Or I just need to get a car water proof cover for my car. I had started thinking about it but the tarp thing for now shouldn’t hurt my car since it’s not for months or a few months or even a month and if it’s going to take us a while to get our car in to get the sun roof fixed, I will just get rid of the car since it will get ruined anyway and the fact we have no place to put it to keep it out of the weather when not in use. Or I will just buy a car tarp that is water proof.






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