Since tarp is bad for your car

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

I put trash bags over my sun roof instead and put stuff on top of it to hold it down since they’re water proof. I checked my car out a few times and everything seems dry still and I looked at the sun roof and there was no moisture. The tarp just creates moisture underneath it so I took it off and replaced it with trash bags.

I also called one of the auto body shops here to ask about paint jobs and I got an estimate of $2500 and that is pretty good. I can do that with our tax money. I found out the reason why the paint is coming off is because whoever painted the car did a poor job. And this price is for the whole entire car. If I only wanted parts of it done like the back bumper and the fender and the doors, that is different.

Also I talked to my dad again and he said he would talk to my mother about it and they will see if we can buy the Jetta because the lease on it is about up and my mom will retire in less than a year and they will only need one car and they want to travel the country and rent a car.

We also got my keys from the trunk. My son was too scared to crawl in there and I used the flashlight on my husband’s cigarette lighter and I saw the keys and used my husband’s cane to get them out. I also checked the seats and they are not wet, just sticky. I just need to clean them is all.


My husband just told me his idea. He gave me the idea about selling our car to his brother for $1500 and we give that money to my parents for down payment and then get out another $2500 from our savings for down payment and then pay $100 month for the car. I told my husband that payment might be too low. I don’t know how much the Jetta is. I told my husband to hold off sending his brother a text message because we don’t want to get his hopes up and then back out if my mom and dad say this won’t work. But we can still sell it to him and then use that money to get another car. They can just use trash bags to cover the sun roof. I am still keeping an eye on my car to check for any leaks because I don’t know if the seals are leaking too around the doors. The floorboard is still damp but I saw no water come in. My husband thinks the problem is we had heavy rain so that is why our car leaked. I say that is still a problem because we now know it leaks. I have never noticed any leaks in a car wash. But I know now not to wash my car until it’s fixed.



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