I hate it when people don’t listen

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

So I tried to make an appointment for my car and my dad isn’t listening to me. I get anxiety and he gets mad about it and so does my mom. Then he hangs up the phone and my mom says my husband and I should be making the appointment and my dad gets mad again. Then he decides I tell them. Yes thank you, this makes it a hell lot easier if they let me tell them because I hate it when he won’t listen to me and won’t tell them exactly what I told him to say. So I call the shop and I tell them my floor is soaked on the passenger side and it leaks at the top around the windows and then the man asked me if it had a sun roof and I said it did. He told me I would have to take it to a sunroof shop and told me where it’s at. He gave me the number there and I hang up and call that place. The person there answers and I tell him about my sun roof problem and he told me he can’t take anymore appointments until next week. So I say when I could take it in and he said Tuesday or after. I decide I will take it in next Tuesday but I ask if there are any other sun roof places around and he said he was the only place in the area. So I thanked him and hung up. Now the tarp is over my car to keep the rain out. I noticed the sun roof was fogged up but not my other car windows so maybe it’s really leaking.

With all the rain we have been having, lot of people must be dealing with leaking cars so they’re all taking their cars in so I am going to take mine in first thing on Tuesday after taking my son to school.

I looked up leaky sun roofs online and it’s most likely clogged because I don’t have a garage to park it in and I have always parked it under trees and stuff so it’s most likely blocked with debris.

But I hate it when I dad won’t listen to me. I tell him what is leaking and he starts talking about wanting to look at it. It’s raining out, you can’t look at it, I won’t want my car to get even more wet. He even starts saying other things but I get anxiety because he isn’t listening. I say the floor is soaking wet and it gets wet at the top around the windows. He was going to look at it again but I snap at him saying “I am taking it in so it doesn’t matter.” See he doesn’t listen because I say I was taking it in and he insists he will look at it. But he never does, he takes too long and he stalls so that is why I do not want him doing anything because he is unreliable and unpredictable and it makes me anxious and then he gets upset with me when I am anxious.  We even have a broken lazy boy chair and thank god it’s not in our house anymore and it’s in the garage. My mom and I have tried to get rid of it and we finally got it in the truck but my dad took it out even though it got wet in the rain. He keeps saying he is going to fix it but he never does. He says this about anything so I get angry when any broken item is taken from the trash and I just want to scream and have my meltdown because he doesn’t listen. So that is why I don’t want him working with my car. I do not need the stalling and playing the waiting game when it’s raining out and dealing with him getting mad at me and then me having anxiety, I don’t need any of this so I do not trust him. If this was happening in my relationship, I wouldn’t be with that person because I don’t need the stress and the meltdowns and the abuse. I hate this game. I don’t know why my dad does it but i think he is just self absorbed and doesn’t get different perspective and my feelings and doesn’t understand my anxiety. He acts like it’s a choice like I enjoy being this way. He thinks I over react and it hurts he doesn’t understand my anxiety and doesn’t take me seriously. It reminds me of Jerry and I learned from her to never try and save money and be frugal and rely on anyone when they offer to do things for you because of this game they could play. I only rely on companies because they are more reliable and they are a business so they want to be reliable. But my dad gets mad at me when I say I will do this myself and walk if I have to.

Damn it, when I say my floor board is wet and the top gets wet too around the windows or damp, don’t start saying other things, say exactly what I say about what is wrong with it so they will figure it out. Just make it simple. But my dad hardly listens and then he gets upset when you get upset just because you’re upset and you’re upset because he isn’t listening. It makes me want to shout at him because he isn’t listening. Then he shuts down not even realizing he does this to himself. I don’t know if this is a normal thing or a Dad issue.

In the future if I ever get another car, no sun roofs. We have no garage to park it in unless I want to spend the rest of my time covering it with a tarp to keep debris out. But then the wind might just blow it off. I would rather not have a sun roof but I didn’t pick my car, my dad did. He got it for me as a gift when I graduated high school but I had to use chunks of my money to help pay for it so not really a real gift. A gift is something that is bought for you, not something you have to pay with your own money. That would be like buying my brother a PS4 but making him give me some money for it to help pay for it. That is not a gift.

I wonder if I can use my parents cars for a week so I wouldn’t have to use my car and have it leak when it’s raining out. Hopefully the sun roof leaking is just recent than something that has happened for a while but it has a rust on the fabric at the top close to it so maybe it’s not recent and it just recently got so bad the floor is damp but it’s worse in the back where my daughter sits but the floors appear dry on my side and my son’s side. It’s the passenger side that has leaks. So I am using a tarp now to protect it. I also have towels to soak up the water but no matter how I keep soaking it, it’s still soaked. At least there is no puddle there. I also hope the drain pipes are not leaking. At least no water drips from the sun roof above the seats. It’s only the side that gets wet right by the windows on the passenger side.


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