My car is leaking

Monday, October 17th, 2016

One time it was my trunk that was leaking so I had discovered there was a puddle in the trunk around the spare tire. So I was able to pull the plug and let it drain out and dry the rest out and soak up the residual water. Then I had to let the whole entire trunk mat dry and fortunately this was in the summer so there was no anxiety. I called the auto shop ASAP and told them what was happening and I brought my car in and one of them got in the trunk while the other poured a hose over it and they found the link and it was the gasket. So I had that replaced and it cost me like 200 bucks.

Now my other gaskets are leaking but not the trunk at least because it’s still dry. But the inside of my car is leaking. The passenger floor is wet, front and back but the back is worse so I had to use towels to soak it up. Then I discovered drips of water on the back seat where my daughter’s car seat is and then I discovered water above my son’s seat so I had him use a towel to soak it up and them I noticed a wet spot by the car door where my daughter’s car seat is. I start to get anxious knowing this has to be done no. No procrastinating and I will tell my dad how important this all is to me and how serious this is.

So i come home and I want to make the phone call again to this guy who is related to my husband but my husband told me it will take him awhile because it’s his own business and he is a busy guy so since this is an emergency, I should take it to a shop. Knowing my lesson from before, I knew I could not be frugal and I must spend more money to get this fixed ASAP. I tell my dad about it but instead he goes “I’m busy and I will look at it later.” I tell him I don’t need him to look at it, I just want to take it in. But he gets cranky and I am panicking because we have been having heavy rain and it’s the rainy season so I cannot wait because this has to be done ASAP. So I say I will just take my car in after I drop my son off and walk and that gets my dad angry. I started to have a panic attack because of the rain and my car leaking and I don’t want mold all over my car. There is already mold forming on the floor in the passenger side where my daughter sits.

I start to scream and jump and flap my hands from the panic. My husband tells my dad what is wrong with my car and I have been having anxiety for the past two days and I am going to freak out if this isn’t fixed and I can’t help it because of my anxiety.My dad then says we’ll take it in tomorrow.

Then my son asked what anxiety was so I said it’s when I get very scared.

I didn’t know how else to explain it to him except say it’s when you get very scared.

I hope my dad can keep his promise, if not I will just take it in and walk to the train stop if I have to even if it’s raining.



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