The time my mom got mad at me

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

for doing something she told me to do.


I remember when I was 11, I was in a mood so I kept on teasing her. Every time she told me to stop that teasing, I would think of another one to do to make her laugh and be funny. All day long I kept on teasing my mother and she kept on telling me to stop that teasing. So finally when we got close to Oregon, my mom warned me that if I did that tease one more time, she would make me walk home. So after we had left the gas station, I had opened the air vent and had it face her. I did it as a practical joke. I knew she didn’t want cold air blowing on her but I did it anyway. She notices like five minutes later the cold air is blowing on her and I try to not laugh but a snicker came out. My mom then starts screaming at me and then she pulls the car over and tells me to get out.

Whoa what a over reaction, mom is upset about the joke.

Mom orders me out of the car and I knew “this was it, I am walking home for real but I don’t have to walk home, I will just hitch hike home.”

The car drives off and I wave bye bye and then the car stops and Mom gets out and screams at me to get back in.

Confused, I get back in the car. Maybe she changed her mind but why is she so mad at me?

Mom drives off again with me in it this time and yells at me. It goes on and on and then I remember her crying and I asked her why she was crying. She told me how everyone keeps teasing her, my dad, my brothers, me, her brother. I remember I then found out she meant she didn’t want me teasing her at all because she finally says it. I told her maybe that is what her problem is with us teasing her, she keeps telling us to stop that teasing, not all teasing.

I am not sure what my mom thought in her head when I told her that but from her version she told me I was harassing her on the way home and wouldn’t quit and then at the end she kicks me out of the car and I had a puppy look on my face and she wanted me to beg her to not leave me here in the middle of nowhere and panic and cry but I didn’t do that. Instead I stayed calm. So that was why she was mad. She was mad her plan had backfired. She also told me she thought in her head “Oh my god, are you serious?” when I said “No you said stop that teasing so I did a different tease to try and make you laugh.” Then she realized “Oh I really did say stop that teasing.” So my mom didn’t get mad at me because of the air vent, she got mad at me because of all the teases I had done to her all day long and it just built up and the air vent joke was the last straw so that was why she got mad. It wasn’t the air vent at all. It was me teasing her all day long when she had wanted me to not do it at all and I didn’t listen. Well I did listen but I fell into a loophole because of the word that. So I did listen to my mother.


So the reason why my mom got mad at me for getting out of the car and waving at her was because that wasn’t the plan at all and she wanted me to cry and beg her to let me stay in the car with her. So it became my fault as a result for not reacting the way she wanted me to react.

So parents out there, if you wish to play these games to your kids, don’t get mad at them if it backfires. Also I think doing this also makes them lose trust in you and will take you less seriously. My mom was lucky my brothers and I didn’t generalize and think anything she says to us that is a threat, it’s not serious. We only thought she would never abandon us so we would always remind her she would go to jail for child abandonment if she dumped us on the side of the road.


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