Misconceptions I had

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

I saw a thread on Reddit asking what were the funniest childhood misconceptions. That inspired me to make this post.

I remember when I was a kid, I had these misconceptions:

For a while I thought my parents had a job to kick people out of their homes if they were not taking good care of them. If they never cleaned, if they put a hole in the wall, never took care of the yard they were kicked out by my parents. In reality they owned those properties so they were the landlord.

For years I thought any car that was parked in a handicapped parking spot was breaking the law because my mom told me that those parking spots were for wheelchairs. So I thought people parked their wheelchairs there and went in the store. I had to be a teen to figure out my mom meant it was for people who used wheelchairs and they parked their car there. Then I learned it was also for people who had limited movement and not all of them need to be in a wheelchair to use it. They also needed a permit to park there and they had it on their rear view mirror.

I thought adults made rules to control the kids and to punish them and that adults punished kids to get back at them because they made them mad. So basically I thought the grown ups were narcissists but I just didn’t know the word for it then. I realized in my teens parents didn’t make rules to control their kids and they didn’t punish them to control them. I also realize people don’t make rules to make rules. They are there for a reason and there are reasons behind it. Rules are made to avoid chaos and so people know what is expected of them and it helps keeps things more organized and makes places safer for people plus sometimes a rule is made about something if it became a problem.

In my teens and into my twenties I thought medical labels were created for a list of behaviors people did and for things they did that were bad or annoying. I realize now labels are created for when a behavior impacts the person’s life and holds them back and causes them an impairment day to day basis. But one thing I still don’t understand is how someone can be “normal” and still have struggles and trying to fit in and be normal and have relationships and friendships. How is this not an impairment?

I thought if you wanted money, you always went to the bank to get some so I could never understand why my parents said they didn’t have the money or would tell me something was expensive or too much. I also thought that is what checks were for and cards and you always had money. I didn’t know people kept their money in the bank and checks were for when you write them, they cash them and it takes the money from your bank account and also cards were used for so the money went directly out of your bank account into their account and also if you paid with a credit card, you paid it back to the card company and the money comes from your bank account.

When I was three and four, my mom showed me her pregnant belly and said she had a baby in there and I saw her pointed out belly button and thought that was the baby’s head.

I also thought people got a baby from the hospital so if they wanted a baby, you went to the hospital and got one.

I thought everyone had to get married when they grew up and then have a baby together.

When I was six and seven I thought my special ed teacher assigned certain rules to each kid so I would sometimes test a rule to see what rule I was allowed to break. I discovered I could shout in school so I did sometimes.

I thought adults stopped having fun once they were adults because only kids could have fun.

From the age of 12 until I was 20, I thought how people had sex was just a man having his penis in the lady’s vagina and just held it there.

I thought people only had sex because they wanted to have a baby.

I thought people smoked and did drugs because they were stupid and didn’t know how bad they were for your health and the affects drugs do to your brain.

For a while I thought the Memorial Coliseum was Disneyland because that was where we saw Disney On Ice until we went to the actual Disneyland.

I thought the pastor in my church was Jesus Christ and he lived in the church and owned the place and all the songs were about him. I was about nine when I figured it out he wasn’t the real Jesus and he was just a regular person like us and he worked in the church.

I thought my mom bled 24/7 and then I thought to bleed down there, you needed to wear a pad so I tried it when I was seven and no blood. I also thought all women bled and then was surprised when my grandma (dad’s mom) said she didn’t bleed down there.

Up until age ten, I thought the menstrual pads were called diapers because that is what my mom had called them.

I thought pee pee was a real word for penis and binky was a real word for pacifier. Thanks Mom.

When I was little, I had the speed limit signs and the route signs mixed up so I used to think my mom was going too slow or too fast.

When I was two and three, I had the conception that I was to pee in diapers and poop in them instead of I was supposed to learn to use the potty  like everyone else and I was just getting too big to be wearing diapers and I was at the age to be potty trained. Then my brother was born and I finally figured out I was supposed to be going in the potty like everyone else and only babies went in their pants.

I thought bullying was taking lunch money and beating other kids up and taking their stuff and pushing them and wrecking their stuff

I thought gender was defined by what is between your legs. Actually lot of people still have this misconception.

I also thought that men who wore dresses and lived as women were role playing and pretending to be one and that they just wanted to be a woman and I thought the same as women too about who lived a role of being a guy.

I thought every guy wearing women clothes were sissies and cross dressers.

I thought gender identity disorder was a label for those who liked to pretend they were women and live as one and role play as one and for being a cross dresser and for those who wished they could be a boy or girl.

I thought depression was just being unhappy and feeling bad about yourself.

I thought OCD was just a symptom of autism and Asperger’s but it was just for people who only had the obsessions and rituals and routines but lacked all the other symptoms from the AS and autistic disorder criteria. Either I misunderstood my mother and school psychologist or I got misinformed when they said it was part of AS. I do actually think that is how some people get this OCD diagnoses if this is the only symptoms they have that is part of autism and it does impact their life.

I thought anxiety was a symptom of autism and Asperger’s too. Then again, either I was misinformed or I misunderstood when I was told it was part of it.

I thought a doctor took a bunch of medical labels and put them together and say the person has an ASD. Then again, either I was misinformed or I misunderstood. I thought that is what my psychiatrist had done with mine. He took all my diagnoses I have had and put them together calling it Asperger’s so I didn’t have all these labels. Sometimes I still think this is what they do because after all I do see autism spectrum disorders as a bunch of symptoms and disorders together.

I thought anxiety just was being over heated and hot and having hot flashes. I also thought it was when you get upset and stressed out. I misunderstood my mother because she would tell me I was having anxiety whenever these things were happening to me.

When I was 12-14 I thought Asperger’s was having a difficulty time doing school work and figuring it out and doing it on your own. I misunderstood my mother when she told me about it while we were doing my homework together and I was having troubles with it.

I thought a disability was just someone who looked different than everyone and also were in a wheelchair or used a cane or a walker or any special equipment.

I thought autistic was when someone didn’t talk so once they did start talking, they were no longer autistic because autism was when they couldn’t communicate. I thought communication was only talking.

I thought all autistic people had the same savant skill as Simon Lynch and they all screamed when touched.

I thought dyslexics only wrote words backwards and out of place and only saw words out of place too or backwards.

When I was ten, I thought the weathermen controlled the weather.

I thought all kids had a mom and dad and I thought all kids parents were married and then had them

I thought all step siblings and step parents were evil people so that is why they were called step. So when a girl in my second grade class said she had a stepmother, I felt sorry for her because I thought she was abused at home. I realized in third grade not all step parents and step siblings were bad and they were in fact nice and they were only called step because their parent remarried and that person already had kids from another person.


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