My husband got offended

Monday, October 10th, 2016

On the way to the nature park after picking our son up from school, my husband told me that someone thought he looked like a senior citizen. I was shocked because he looks so young. I wouldn’t even guess he was in his early 40’s if I saw him. He told me it must be his gray hair. I asked him if that was why he asked me if he has a lot of gray hair. He said yes. I told him I didn’t see that as him being sly or sneaky. Yes he knows about the drama I had online because I told him about it because he asked me what was wrong and he had noticed I had been more quiet and not talking much. I asked him who thought he was a senior citizen, who said that. He said it was a cashier. I said “I bet you were offended” and he said he was very offended.

So moral of the story, everyone gets offended. Even good people say things that offend someone without meaning to. It was at a Goodwill he was at and she asked him if he got a senior citizen discount. She was just doing her job when she asked that question which she is probably required to or she was just being honest so he could get his discount. But my husband didn’t react to the question. Instead he just said “no.” He didn’t go off on her. He only did it in his head.


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