Student Teacher Nightmare

Saturday, October 8th, 2016

I remember when I was in 6th grade, we had a student teacher who I will call Miss Pee. Miss Pee was very petite and very thin so she could still fit into size 16 girl clothes. I was a lot taller than her. She still dressed as a woman of course than as a child. But she was not good at her job teaching. She often lost our school work and would mark it as a missing assignment and say we didn’t turn it in or didn’t do the work. I knew I did it and would tell her but she wouldn’t believe me. I would refuse to do the school work again so my mom had to pull teeth with me to do it.

With me when I have done something and worked hard on it, I don’t want to do it all over again. It’s the same with posts online, if I make a post and then I lose it due to some Capcha thing or because the computer froze or the browser crashed, I don’t want to write the whole thing over again so I go “forget about it.” Luckily my post is still there now if I click the back button or if the server crashes or I accidentally click out of the browser, the post is still there when I open it again because it starts on the webpage where I left off when I closed it. Thank god for the Chrome updates.

So anyway I hated doing the school work again and even my mother noticed I was doing the same school work again because she always helped me with my homework. I was having meltdowns and would say things like “I’m gonna kill her” and “I wish I could throw her off a cliff.” I was so mad about it and mad at her because she was making me do the same school work again and again.

Other kids were having the same problem as me. They were also frustrated but they didn’t act the way I did about it. Instead they had no respect for her so they would goof off in their seats and talk and whisper and throw things and get out of their seats while she would be teaching and this was during Math. Miss Pee would be too busy looking on her overhead while talking and explaining how to do the problems and kids would be playing in their seats. They had no respect for her. I don’t blame them. But I knew if I join in the fun, I would get more flak about it from the teacher and the staff because I’m Beth and I had a different set of rules than the other kids. So it didn’t matter how I expressed myself. Doing it the “normal” way would still get me into trouble so doing it the other way was less trouble for me and instead all it did was the school counselor would pull me out of class and take me to a room where the staff do their meetings and where teachers ate their lunch and have me read a news article in the newspaper about a kid getting suspended for talking about bringing a gun to school or talking about wanting to hurt someone or kill someone.

I wasn’t allowed to be “normal.” My mother noticed too because she watched the six hour video of me and the staff saw it too and didn’t give a darn about the other kids. They only wanted to focus on me and my mom understood the bullshit I was going through and why I told her I had a different set of rules from other kids and I had Beth rules and other kids had different rules than me and that all the Beths got picked on in the world and I got picked on because my name was Beth.

Luckily we had a copier machine at home because my dad’s office was in our home and he used it for his work. So we started to make copies of my school assignments and we also would type my school work on my computer so that way if she loses it again, we could print it off again and hand it in and also go to the filing cabinet and pull out my school work and make another copy of it and hand it in again. That solved the problem and my meltdowns and the anxiety. But the other kids still had to suffer because we still lived in the days where not everyone had a computer and more people were just starting to get their first one and many people didn’t have a copier. They were so big then. My dad was an appraiser so we had a copier machine and computers. My mom wouldn’t even let my youngest brother put for his school assignment that we had five computers. She didn’t want his teacher to think we were all crazy. We had that many because my dad had upgraded and we still had the old ones from the early 90’s and our old DOS computer that was family use and they had just gotten a new computer then a year ago for family use.

I think what frustrated me the most about this was the fact she would lose our school work and not tell us but instead put the blame on us saying she didn’t get the homework and mark it as missing. It was the dishonesty that always got me upset instead of her going “I’m sorry Beth, I lose your math work again so I am going to need you to redo it again” and going “Class, I have missing assignments here and I lost some of your school work again so you are going to have to check for missing assignments to see if yours are on there.”

IMO a teacher should be more organized so they should make a special spot to keep their student’s work and if they can’t do that, they are not a very good teacher. Once in a while is fine if they lose the homework because everyone makes mistakes but making the same ones over and over and over isn’t okay and it just means they either need to get more organized or find a different career. I would complain to the school principal about this teacher if my kids had to go though this. Also I would make a contract and have the teacher sign it and give them a copy saying they got the school work and I keep a copy for my kid, an idea I got on Reddit. Or just have my kids do their school work and save it to google document and print it from my dad’s computer and keep it saved there. Or just email it to the teacher and it would be copy and paste so that way they have a copy of it. This is an example of a incompetent teacher.


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