Rush Limbaugh

Saturday, October 8th, 2016

My parents hate this person. I had never heard of him but I knew my dad liked listening to some guy on the radio and cussing at it and telling me what a jerk that guy is. I would always ask him “Why do you listen to him then?” and he would always answer “To see what more bullshit he says.”

So my mom and I were going to IKEA one time to return some stuff and then go to Ross and I bring this up and she tells me it’s Rush Limbaugh. None of them like him and she told me how upset my father always gets and then he gets short tempered and snaps at my mother because he is mad at the guy on the radio. Then she can’t even talk to him because he shushes her so he could hear him. My mom told him “Turn it off now, he is making you upset.” She also told me how she now refuses to be in the car with him if he will have that on. I asked my mother if my dad liked being upset or something because why else would he listen to him only to get upset and she told me she knows and she always tells him “why are you listening to this asshole, turn it off, you get upset and then you snap at me and are very irritable for the rest of the day.”

Mom told me many radio stations have dropped this person because they were losing their sponsers due to people boycotting their products. Then she explained to me how it all worked and how the stores were supporting him and the radio stations.

I also asked her for examples of things he has said that made him a jerk so she told me one of them. “We need to get rid of birth control because women should keep their legs closed. birth control makes them have sex.” Then she told me what a double standard it was. I told her I do have that same opinion too but I think that for both men and women so no double standard there. I think if they don’t want a baby, they shouldn’t have sex and if they do have a child, they are responsible for it if they choose to have sex. My mom then says how everyone should have the right to express love. Wait a minute, I thought she told me one time that people shouldn’t have sex if they can’t afford more kids and it’s the way it is sometimes. She does contradict herself. But she said how everyone had a right to sex and I said I guess it’s something I might never understand because I can live without sex and don’t need it and then I asked if Rush was asexual. My mom said he has had four wives. I said well we probably both know why they are his ex’s and my mom said ‘exactly he is a jerk and that is why they are his ex.” With his attitude about women, it’s no wonder they’re his ex’s.

Googling Rush Limbaugh for offensive things he has said I found several:

Hateful Misogynist Rush Limbaugh Tells Men That Women Mean Yes When They Say No

Article about his show going down:

He is entitled to his opinions and I don’t care what he really thinks. Just don’t listen to his talk show if he offends you so much and upsets you so much it ruins your day like it does for my father.




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