Update at work

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

So on Monday I go back to work and my boss isn’t there so nothing happened. I still do my normal routines but this time I brought my husband’s phone and snapped photos of the restrooms after I cleaned them in case my boss tells me I didn’t clean them and I needed to do them. I go on with my day and the same guy didn’t bother me again but I notice he likes to walk around the building with another co worker but I don’t worry about them. I am not sure what their jobs are and the guy was playing with his phone and it keeps going “Oh yeah” and I continue working. Then I get done with the floor and do the recycling and composting and he decided to put glass bottles on my cart so I toss them in my barrel and I hear him cursing on the elevator. I get done with my floors and I sort through the compost and bottles and pop cans and so on and put them in their right bins. Then I remember to pick up the cones and put them aside. I do see the boss that day but he didn’t talk to me about anything except saying hi. He was there with another employee and they were talking.

The next day I go in and I do the same routine again but I forgot the phone so I couldn’t take photos. I see the same guy and co worker again and they go in the mens restroom I had cleaned. I also remembered to not leave the wet mop head on the carpet so I took it off and put it with the other wet mop heads and set them on top of the compost bin for me to get later. I do my normal routine and then I get the cones again and set them aside again and go to the day cares. But after I did them both, both mops were gone so I looked for them and they were not in my closet or on that floor so I went to the storage and got another one of each. I didn’t freak out. I had no idea who took them. Maybe they were moved to the storage and I got them back. They have some spare mops down there.

I am working on remembering tasks like picking up the cones sooner, not leaving the wet mop head on the carpet. Since I am trying to work slower, I might be able to remember this more. That will help me put in some time. I have to try and work out a routine again so it becomes a habit.


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