Bad day at work

Friday, September 23rd, 2016

I work as a janitor and several times I have gotten accused of not cleaning the restrooms over the years because sometimes a customer comes in and uses it and makes a mess and I get the blame. One time someone took all the toilet paper out of the restroom when I worked in a different building and my boss was telling me the following day how I needed to leave a couple extra rolls in there. I swore I left some in there but someone must have stolen them.

Another problem I have is forgetfulness. I forget to do some tasks that are not in my routine or something I am not used to. I was informed to pick up the ones when the floor dries. I try to remember to do that. I was informed to not leave my wet mop on the rugs. I try to remember to not do that. I was informed to scrub the tile floor around the urinal, I try to remember to do that. Now I am out of chemical for it and there isn’t anymore in the storage so I haven’t been doing it. I might use something else to spray down there and then scrub. I always get nervous to call my boss and that is always a challenge.

Today I made a couple mistakes, cones left out and wet mop on the carpet. The co worker found me and told me about it and he accused me of leaving compost on the floor again but that didn’t happen. I didn’t drop anything on the floor. Maybe someone dropped food and I got the blame. He told me how frustrating it is how I am not doing my job and it keeps him from not doing his job. I often feel like there is no room to make mistakes and I know everyone makes a mistake but if I am not allowed to make any, then something must be wrong with me or otherwise it wouldn’t be a big deal.

So the co worker leaves and I go back to my work and then when I am cleaning another room, the co worker comes back accusing me of not cleaning the restrooms. I did clean them. Someone must have came in and used them again. I know I did not imagine cleaning those restrooms because I had forgotten to change my mop head again when I mopped the mens. I also remember taking out the trash and cleaning the sinks and mirrors and wiping the counter tops and around the sinks. I also cleaned the toilet bowls and wiped them and I remember replacing one roll of toilet paper because it was low. Then I remember mopping and going back in there to get the cones. Well the co worker didn’t sound happy and we got into an argument about the restrooms. His reason for his thinking that I didn’t clean the toilets was because there is no cleanser in them. It flushes down duh. I even asked him if the toilet seats were up and he goes “never mind” and walks away.

Seriously I do not go into work and skip tasks. I only skip something if it hasn’t been used. I can tell by the trash can being empty and toilet seats being up but usually the restrooms have been used because the other seats are down and there is paper towels in the trash can.

So after I am done cleaning I go back to the restrooms and check them out and sure enough a customer had used both restrooms, a man and woman. Someone used the handicapped stall and left a piece of toilet paper in the toilet and I cleaned it again and got the paper towels out of the trash can. Then I checked out the mens and someone used that one too because they left a piece of toilet paper in the toilet but yet the seat was up and they also left a Fansta orange soda can on the counter top with a drop on it and it was full. I just flushed the toilet and moved the pop can and left it there for the owner to claim the next day and I wiped up the spot. Also the restrooms smelled funny as the co worker claimed. The combination of piss and chemical. I also checked the floor in the mens and found no traces of urine on the ground.

Is it a common janitor thing to get into trouble for a customer using the restroom after cleaning it?  Where is the common sense that people use the restrooms after them being cleaned? There is still a few people in the building when I clean them. Some stay later and there are security that work there and some stay late to work out but it doesn’t happen often when someone uses the restrooms. But it’s not the first time I got blamed for someone using it. I mean look at the trash can, look at the sinks and mirrors and the toilet seats being up or not. I think it’s obvious if someone had used it after it’s been cleaned.

Now the co worker wants to tell the boss and I wasn’t scared because I had been trying to remember and been doing it but I still forget and I did clean the restrooms. I honestly didn’t know if I was being gaslighted and bullied or if it was a misunderstanding about the restrooms. But I did feel crazy for a moment but I knew my memory was working fine and I know I cleaned those restrooms but I was going through some self doubt so I felt like I should start using my phone for pictures. I might have to start doing that and every day take a picture of my work so avoid any false accusations. Take a picture of the empty trash cans, the toilet paper dispensers, the clean sinks and toilets and the cones for the mopped floor. That way I won’t doubt myself and I will have my phone with me and I can show the boss if he thinks I didn’t do my job.

It would be scary to think this person is trying to get rid of me or wants to bully me. How can one tell if they are being bullied or not if it’s subtle like this? But after checking out the restrooms, I will assume it was a misunderstanding because of two customers using each restroom but it still should have been obvious I cleaned them but they also smelled funny too. But the floors looked clean so that should have been obvious too.


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