Crazy Day Today

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

Today I go to work and I wait at the train stop. They have the whole entire road blocked off right next to the stop. I wait for the train and then another person comes to me and says “Trains won’t be coming by here for a while.” I asked him why and he said “They have it all blocked off.” I asked him why and he pointed and says they had the whole ribbon across the tracks and I asked him why again. Then he tells me someone got hit. I look and the train was stuck down there so I figured someone got struck by a train again. That is so annoying. Why must people be stupid to walk on the tracks and get hit? Why not look both ways? Then it disrupts the schedules and it makes people late to work and stuff.

So I go home and get in my car and drive to the closest transit center and wait for the train there. They are doing shuttle buses. Then the train comes and I get on and I get off at my work stop.

After work I see a bunch of police cars again and a firetruck. I go to the stop again and I see a bunch of people and police officers there and police cars. Some were even on the tracks. I see a man on the ground and he was all bloody and I saw a pile of blood on the ground. I see the ambulance come and I play my game and then I smell something good. I figured it must have been some bandage stuff they were using for the guy. Then I noticed they put something on the ground that looked like sawdust. It didn’t take long at all for it all to clear up and the transit security got on her radio and said it was all clear now and they can send in the trains. The man looked okay though but he had to hold something over his nose.

Luckily there was no more accidents on the way home. Two in one day, the record I have seen is five and that was with cars than with pedestrians.


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