9/11 Anniversary

Sunday, September 11th, 2016



It’s been 15 years since the planes have hit the Twin towers and crashed into the Pentagon and in a  field in Pennsylvania. Pretty much everyone knows where they were on that day and what they were doing when the plane hit the first tower.

I remember I was in bed sleeping when my dad comes in telling me they were talking about planes crashing. I  of course got annoyed with him because I was not interested in hearing about a disaster that happened somewhere in the world. That was his way of getting me up that morning. I remember he came in again a few more times and with my bitchy teen attitude, I yell at him about it saying I do not care.

Then I am out of bed and I get dressed and I see the towers are on fire. Oh pitiful. But I still don’t take notice. I have breakfast I remember and then I remember Dad taking us to school and then I go to choir for first class and there it is again. The TV is in the room and it’s turned on and there is the Twin towers again burning. Instead of warming up and singing, we have to watch this on TV and listen to the news anchor people talking and watching the video of the burning towers. I learn in that class the planes were actually hijacked. What’s hijacked? It’s when you take over the plane. How do you take over the plane, what happened? Oh the terrorists got control of the plane and flew them into the towers. Oh they did it because they hate us. Oh our country is under attack. Kids are excited about World War III had started, I get upset and scared. My aide decides to take me back to the resource room.

All day long I am in there because the teachers have the TVs on in there and have everyone watching it.

I still didn’t understand the big deal and why everyone was obsessing about it. Had everyone gone OCD this day and I was nor the normal one?

But lot of the kids didn’t seem to care either and were also sick of hearing it. I could remember them complaining about it and one girl got sick of hearing about terrorists and them going to attack our country.

Our Culinary Art teacher was stuck in Mexico for a few weeks and I had lots and lots of computer time in the resource room because there was no school work thanks to those darn terrorists. Also our school principal made the Freshamn take down the Twin Towers from their homecoming float.

And I remember being called cold hearted for this day. Lots of teens this day were all cold hearted so I don’t feel guilty. I assume this must have been a kid and teen thing. I did 9/11 jokes back then and I saw them on Reddit yesterday.

This was the song my school played for this attack and we heard it a lot.

It’s been 15 years and over 3,000 people died. Families lost their loved ones, parents lost their kids, kids lost their parents,.people lost their friends and it’s now a nuisance to get through security in airports and what you can bring on the plane and you can no longer go to the gate with your family or friends when they take off. You can no longer go and watch planes land and take off.

RIP everyone who died on this day.


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