The time my aspie interest nearly got me into trouble

Monday, September 5th, 2016

(title meant to be humor)

Since there is a thread about autism interests causing injuries, mine nearly caused me to get shot, well could have gotten me shot.

I was about 22 or 23 when my husband and I were in Spokane. I was really into the movie Benny & Joon. I remember Jerry felt critical about it so he called it a useless interest because it wouldn’t get me anywhere in life such as success. But my husband always acted supported about it. But anyway we were in the Peaceful valley neighborhood and there was this old school that had been converted into apartments. I see a guy walk out and I asked if those were homes in there and he said yes. I then knew it was not a real school anymore. I look around the building and look behind and see two other units. Then I decide to go through the main doors to look at the hallways and see other units so I go inside and I am wondering why is there a bunch of stuff in the halls. My husband says behind me “You’re in someone’s house.” I bolted out of there and I was so embarrassed. What was I thinking? My husband knew it was a house behind those double doors but I didn’t know that so he figured I knew and didn’t know I was going to walk inside. I was lucky I didn’t get shot because I had trespassed and it’s not illegal to shoot someone in your home. Since it was the state of Washington, I hear you can get in trouble if the intruder didn’t have a gun and they were unarmed. To me that is a dumb law because how are you going to know they don’t have a weapon?

But that is what happened and the time one of my interests nearly got me into trouble. I never did that again. I never told anyone this story because I was so embarrass about it. I never even shared it online either until now.



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