In a way I feel sorry for abusers who suffer from a mental illness

Monday, September 5th, 2016

mental illness.

I wrote this in a thread online when someone asked about NPD being a mental illness and if they are clueless and helpless.

Yes NPD is a mental illness, it’s a medical condition like anything else in the DSM. In a way I actually feel sorry for them because they don’t choose to be this way or otherwise it wouldn’t be a condition. Yes most of them are not aware so that is why they rarely change. It impacts their social relationships and people skills and puts a strain on everyone around them it alienates them from others. I see them as being dysfunctional. It doesn’t mean we have to excuse how they treat others and excuse their behavior and put up with it. NPD is not something anyone would want to have. Because it has such a horrible stigma to it, I am sure it makes it harder for them to change because who would want to be a narcissist?

My ex is mentally ill.



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