Looks like I dodged a bullet

Monday, August 29th, 2016

with my forgetfulness.

Today I was helping my mother cleaning out the RV. I was wiping the stove and I was telling my mother about the apartment unit where there was a fire, it looked like the person had moved out. My mom said you couldn’t live with fire damage and I said it looked like they were in the process of moving because everything was in boxes and it was only one room that was burned. I also told her I saw a couple days later it was being lived in like nothing happened and I saw a fat woman in there and she looked to be in her 50’s. My mom thought it was sad because she is low income because she is renting and now she has lost her stuff.

My mom had a different perspective about all this because she called it all sad while I didn’t see anything about it except thank goodness she didn’t lose all her stuff and it was only one room. I told her I thought about using binoculars to peek in through the window from the train stop and my mom started laughing and saying that is so me, only something I would do. She told me what was I going to do, stand on the side walk and be a peeping tom and I get arrested. I asked if it was illegal and she said it was. I didn’t know that and it was only to see what the inside looked like and what stuff is still there and see if there is any smoke damage on the walls.

Good thing I kept forgetting to bring the binoculars with so I dodged a bullet there. she had moved out because the apartment is always dark and the curtains are always closed and have never been touched in weeks so I know she moved out. I still feel the urge to go over there and look in through the window since no one is living there and see what the door looks like and see if it still has a lock on it and if the hole in the door is still there from where the firemen had to punch one in to get inside.


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