Wikipedia gets it and some other webpages

Sunday, August 28th, 2016

When you google parental abuse, child abuse results pop up and other abuse results. But this page is one of the few results that pop up I am looking for.

The other two pages talk about teens and young adults being abusive to their parents as if small children can’t abuse. I guess it’s because when a small child does abuse, you usually don’t fear your life or feel afraid of them and if they are grabbing knives and scissors, you lock them away and the matches too and anything that lights with fire. But I have heard of stories about parents fearing their child. Beth Thomas is an example of being a dangerous child when she was little. They even had to lock her in her room to protect her brother from her because she liked hurting them and she killed animals. Her parents had to renounce their adoption because it was the only way she could get help and to protect her brother. Then there is another story about Tom and Janice Colella who adopted a seven year old boy and still people turn a blind eye to kids being abusive and there still isn’t anything that protects parents from abuse from their children.

There are women shelters, there are services for elder abuse and abuse on the disabled, and even social services for child abuse but none for parental abuse. There are no laws about it. This seems to be a loophole in our law system about abuse. But of course you can charge your children with assault when they are teenagers but call the police on a child under 13 hitting you, the police will just laugh at you or get upset for wasting their time like what happened to Kelli Stapleton when she called the police on her daughter who was then 11 and by then she was calm and not doing her rages by the time they came. Despite her having a blog, still not much happened except she was getting money to help her daughter but still nothing because did they get another person to stay with them 24/7 to keep Issy off Kelli when she does her attacks? I assume they probably didn’t want to pay all that money for someone to be a bodyguard in the home who is bigger than Issy and can stop her when she does her attacks.

My husband thinks she should have been institutionalized because of her aggression and her inability to control it.  At least he understands parental abuse and knows how dangerous a kid can be but he reassures me it’s very rare for a kid to do abuse and those stories go on the media making it look common but those are just rare cases. Even Dr. Phil said Issy is the 10% of autism who are violent.

Parents may be going on the show about their abusive children and some may be showing videos online about it and photos of their abuse and the damage they do to the home, still nothing. That is why I am writing a fictional story about it and Steven tells my character in my story that putting it online doesn’t work so don’t do it. People don’t want to believe a kid can be abusive and violent so they will look for “proof” the kid is being abused and twist things around so if you are a parent and if your kid is harassing and bullying you and you finally get provoked by them, people will see that as the “proof.” I don’t expect my story to change anything because it’s fiction and not real life. The Bad Seed was fiction and so was The Good Son, none of the two baddies were real.

But yet Child of Rage didn’t change anything even though it aired in 1990 except Beth was actually abused when she was a toddler so she had RAD as a result of it and didn’t learn to bond or learn to have a conscious or learn empathy. Lauren Bennett of Lucky Otter’s Haven believes if they waited a little longer, she would have been beyond help because her brain would have been too far developed so at 6 and a half, she still had room to learn with the help she was given. She has been the only person I had ever heard about someone recovering from RAD. But at least her adoptive parents were given help and were taken seriously. They even made a documentary about it. So in my story Steven tells my character the only way to spread parental abuse awareness is to only show it to your kid’s doctor, show it to social workers, show it to your own therapist but do not put it on the internet because it doesn’t work.

I do wonder if Issy has a less chance in employment now because she is all over the web now about her aggression when you google her name. Plus there is a whole blog about her by her mother which is now dead. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to work with someone who tends to get violent when they get upset or mad but what if they had over came that? It will be on the internet. Despite there being a video about Beth Thomas, she still got her nursing job and she still got into college and now the video is online and she still seems to still be doing good with her life so the video didn’t ruin her. But I have seen some commenters saying she is in the closet sociopath or saying she is still probably one. Okay some people will still judge her and might not hire her because of her history if she goes for a different job.

More articles on parental abuse. The comments are interesting in the Empowering Parents article.

Signs of Parental Abuse: What to Do When Your Child or Teen Hits You

When Raising Teens Hurts: Parent Abuse by Dr. John Townsend





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