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The time NTs are literal

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Yes even normies can take things literal but rarely

. Today my mom and I were in the car and we were taking my son to his assessment. I tell her she would have to get off at exit 1 and follow the yellow line. So we get off at that exit and my mom is about to turn so I tell her to go straight. She thanks me for telling her and she thought she had to go past the mall. I tell her we are and she goes “the mall is two blocks over.” Okay so I know her definition of passing a place now. Then she asks me where the yellow line is and I tell her. She keeps going straight and I forget how the conversation went but she told me she was looking for the yellow lines in the road and I tell her it’s just the light rail. She says “Oh you said the yellow line so I was looking for the colored yellow lines in the road.” I tell her about how each light rail is color coded and she says “Just like in Paris and London.” I told her it’s to keep track of them so people know which train to go on. My mom says how she didn’t know about what the yellow line was and she didn’t know about the blue line or the red line or the green line, etc. She had taken it literal when I told her to follow the yellow line. I assumed she knew about the colored lines because I knew them but she doesn’t take the light rail so she wouldn’t know what I was talking about when I told her to follow the yellow line.