My son failed the Sally Ann test

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

Today I was doing homework with my son. Then we worked on flash cards and the Kindergarten Brain Quest. He isn’t good with picture sequencing because he gets them out of order so I have to help him. Then I decided to test him on something. I use my daughter’s Daisy doll and his action figure. I use the glue stick. I tell my son that Daisy puts the glue stick in the bowl and leaves. The action figure comes in the room and he decides to move the glue stick. He hides it under the Brain Quest cards and other junk. Daisy comes back and  she is going to get her glue stick. Where will she look? My son who was laughing points to the junk pile where the glue stick was hidden. He said this was all silly. I asked him why she would look there and he said that is where the glue stick is. I asked him how did she know it was there. He didn’t really answer and just said I was silly. I figured okay he still hasn’t developed that people have their own ideas yet and some kids don’t have this ability until age six and he still has time.


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