Being sent to school sick

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

I am sure every one of us have been sick or didn’t feel good and not be believed at one point in our life by our parents. This thread here here made me think just imagine if it was every time you were sick. Right away I knew that all parents do this at one point in their life but the difference is narcissists do this all the time while nons only do this at least once. My mom sent me to school sick once when I was seven. I remember I had an appointment with the ear doctor and I didn’t feel good in my stomach. I felt like I was going to throw up. Mom told me I would be fine when I get to school. So after the appointment, she took me to McDonalds and got me an ice cream cone thinking it would help my stomach once I put something in it. Then when we got to school, I had to dump it in the trash because I was still eating it and my teacher didn’t allow food in class and the school principal didn’t allow food in the hallways. I remember freezing outside because I was still eating my ice cream and I didn’t know what to do so my mom told me to put it in the trash. Then once I entered my classroom building after checking in, I threw up. My teacher had to sit me at the back of the classroom as if I were in trouble and told the other kids to stay away from me because I am sick. They had to call the school principal and the school janitor and then my mother had to be called. I was sick for a few days and I remember how much it sucked. I couldn’t even have much fun and I couldn’t even eat anything without getting sick and I always had nausea. My mom didn’t berate me or get mad at me for being sick and the fact she had to come all the way back and get me. I bet she had went home only to be told she had to come back to school to get me because I had thrown up.




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