The assessments finally

Friday, May 6th, 2016

I finally got the assessment pages back from my son’s teacher. I looked at her answers and they were nearly consistent on the autism questionnaire one but on the ADHD one the answers were very different and I looked on the other one and it was totally different so I couldn’t compare our answers. But as I was looking through all of them, I was thinking of ADHD it sounded like. Teacher marked he isn’t anxious or nervous and then marked he is with her other answers. I don’t know what that will tell the professionals with those contradictions. But it was a relief to see the answers because it meant my husband and I were not exaggerating or being bias. I had my husband help me with the questions because I wanted his opinion and I would mark the answers. I also think it’s not that we are being bias, our home environment is different because we don’t have high demands for him like the school does so he will have less problems at home. But one thing I found is the teacher marked that he has a hard time with emotions and my mom doesn’t agree with that. I said maybe that is only for school so she thinks it’s just anxiety. But at home his anxiety is gone. The teacher also marked he has odd behavior and my mom also disagrees with that too. I would have to know what is this weird behavior they are talking about. Kids viewed me as weird and strange when I was a child and also thought I was stupid or retarded but my mom didn’t think either of those things. Instead she used to tell me what things to not do or else kids will think I am weird like “don’t smell the paper or kids will think you are weird.” She said that to me the night before I started my new school after I was taken out of my self contained classroom. I remember she was drying my hair after she had washed it.

The big envelope is now ready to be mailed back and now I will look forward to his big appointment.


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