The meeting

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

I am still working on the school transfer and turned the correct forum in this time. I also had a meeting at the school this morning about my son’s IEP for next year. They obviously think he has autism because they had the autism specialist there and she already knew my son and has seen him at his preschool and observed him there. I didn’t even argue about the label because then they would have thought I am in denial. I know my son has some challenges but I know he is not autistic. I have set up the upcoming testing appointment at Kaiser for him on the 6th of next month and then I will go from there after getting the results and if he gets any new diagnoses. Instead I told them how normal my son is at home and he gets along with his sister and fights with her but he does normal kid stuff. The sibling fighting, not always wanting to play with her and getting mad at her. I also told them how he doesn’t have problems at home that he does at school so reading the report was like I was reading about another child. The speech therapist there told me lot of parents don’t see disabilities in their children. I couldn’t argue or disagree about the stuff in school because I was never there to see it so I can only go by what they have said. Instead I only focused on his needs and what his issues are and what needs to be worked on. But I think it all went well.

But one thing I didn’t agree with was when the autism specialist thought we needed outside support for at home the district provides but I told her we didn’t need that right now because I have my husband and my parents and she said I could use it for back up like if we ever need a break from our kid. He isn’t challenged. She also said for when we go out in public too and I said he does fine in public. Yes my son may have problems with waiting in line and problems with tantrums and whining and getting his way and the hyperactivity and the boredom but he acts better when my husband is with because my son seems to be more behaved and in more control but with me alone, I can’t handle it so I just leave him at home with my husband or parents when I go out alone. So we don’t need outside help from the school district. If I were single then maybe but it would be for my own anxiety sake because I can’t handle him alone when he does the whining and not taking no for an answer and getting rambunctious and then I start to get real anxious and tense and it makes it harder for me to focus and it also affects how I function. And if I need a break from my son, he is big enough to be off by himself out in the backyard or in his room or be in a room by himself or I can just plop him in front of Youtube that will keep him entertained for hours. That is the only time he can actually sit still and be quiet and not be so loud and noisy and hyper and there isn’t any whining and tantrums.


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