What’s wrong with these questions

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

We finally got the packet in the mail and it’s a list of questionnaires. One is for ADHD, one is obviously for autism, and the other is something else. One came for us and the other was for the teacher to fill out so I will give it to her on Monday for her to do. This reminds me from when I was a kid when I was 11 ans 12, I had to fill out a questionnaire, my parents had to and my teacher. Then I had to do it again in 6th grade and I could remember my psychiatrist looking at them. I could remember answers being different than mine.

But I was filling one out for ADHD and I had a hard time answering lot of the questions. He is only five so it’s impossible for him to do things like play hooky, set fires on purpose. He did nearly burn the place down once when he was three but that was an accident. He decided to light something on fire and fling it around and he wasn’t doing it to start a fire. it’s also impossible for a five year old to force someone into sexual activity, break into homes or cars, steal value things, lot of the questions sounded like they were asking about a psychopath but I have heard of a link between ADHD and antisocial personality disorder. But not every ADHD person will lead to having psychopathy.

But back on topic, one of the questions is Interrupts or  intrudes in on others conversations and or activities. I had a hard time answering this because he only has his sister and we never are around other kids so how can I answer this? Also how can I tell if it’s normal what he is doing or abnormal? So let’s say we take him to McDonalds and have him play in the play area there, he joins in other kids and starts to play with them, how do I know this is wrong or right? Don’t all kids do this? Isn’t that the whole point of being social?

Blurts out answers before questions have been answered?

He is language delayed so how can this be possible so would I answer no?

Talks too much?

How much is too much?

Is “on the go” or often acts as if “driven by a motor”

I am not sure what this even means. Is it asking if he is hyperactive and is running around and can’t sit still or calm down? Just as long as he has his 3DS, he is fine and calm.

Is physically cruel to people

He hurts his sister when she makes him mad, he has a teacher working with him at school so he isn’t aggressive anymore since he has been getting support in school, does this count as being cruel to people?

Is physically cruel to animals?

We don’t have any pets so how can this be answered? But I have seen him around my brother’s Shih Tzu and he has been nice to him so I put never.

Is sad, unhappy, or depressed

He gets sad when he gets in trouble, when he doesn’t get his way, when he gets bored, or is that anger? Does this count as a yes?

Relationships with peers

I don’t have any idea because we are never around other children. Should I count his cousin as his peer? They are the same age. I have no idea how well he does in school but should I go by what the school district people have told me? It’s been a bit troublesome. He has his good and bad days.

I am betting he will score negative for ADHD because of his age so I might be stuck with the ASD label for him just for now. My mom will just have to live with it. Besides it’s not a diagnoses and it’s only temporary and I will try and make sure no one will see him as autistic and that it’s just a category he is under for his learning and for his needs and that label means nothing and it doesn’t describe him so they won’t take it literal and lower his standards and hold him back.

Now I am having troubles with the autism questions like:

Seems more fidgety in social situations than when alone

I better pay more attention and see how he acts and what counts as a social situation?

Seems self confident when interacting with others

How would I know? I can’t read his brain.

When under stress, he or she shows rigid or inflexible patterns of behavior that seem odd

Define odd. He also gets stubborn when under stress.

Doesn’t recognize when others are trying to take advantage of him or her

How can I answer this if this never happens? I don’t even know if it happens at school.

Would rather be alone than with others

Off and on because he wants to be away from his sister, he will play in his room sometimes, he will sit by himself and watch youtube on his Nintendo 3DS and he could be sitting in the other room so do I answer never or sometimes true?

Cling to adults, seems to dependent on them

He still wants us to get his food for him, he still wants us to put his clothes on him and wants me to help him write rather than doing it on his own so does this count as being dependent on us and clinging to us?

Has good personal hygiene

He is five so I don’t know any five year old who would take a bath on their own or brush their own teeth without being told to do it and it’s up for the parent to make sure they have clean clothes and have their teeth brushed and hair but what if you are just forgetful as a parent, does this count as sometimes true when he is clean or has his teeth brushed?

Avoids starting social interaction with peers or adults?

He talks to us about his Youtube or Play Doh he is playing with or about his Legos, he will also get excited when his cousin comes over and runs to play with him so does this count as never? Does this count as a social interaction?

There are many more and I will just have my mother help me fill them out so I wouldn’t have to do a long phone call about filling out the questionnaires.



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