Not knowing where to start

Sunday, April 17th, 2016

This is another issue of mine I have. When a mess is too big I get overwhelmed and not do it.

My mom had requested this weekend that I clean my kids rooms. Yes they are a big mess and it gets overwhelming because you clean and they make a mess again so I can’t keep up. Then I see no point in cleaning if it will be messy again. I even get upset sometimes when I am trying to clean and my daughter makes a mess again so I put her in her crib while I clean. That is my cue she needs a nap anyway if she is getting onto trouble.

I was able to clean my daughter’s room because she doesn’t have that many toys. I knew to just toss them in the toy box and to put the big stuff on the shelf and pick up little pieces of toys and put them in the basket where they belong and put the letters in the box and these picture blocks in the drawer. Any trash I found I picked up and threw away so I found at least five wet diapers in her bedroom that were days old or recent. I also put the books back on the shelf too. Then I vacuumed.

Now there was my son’s room and it’s a huge mess and a chaos and hard to walk in because I often feel like I am going to stumble on his toys and break some or topple over. All I could do was pick up his clothes and put them away. Then I left to take a break from the mess. Then I found another mess downstairs, someone had pulled the basket off the shelf and all the wooden puzzles had fallen out of it. I had to clean that up. I had to put the wooden letters back in the carry case and the boards with it the letters go in, then I had to put the puzzle pieces back together on the wooden puzzle and put them back in the basket.

My parents came back from Sears and doing some grocery shopping and I told my mom I only got my daughter’s room clean but I didn’t know where to start with my son’s bedroom. It’s just too messy. So my mom gave me another task to do, vacuum the dining room rug again. My kids got food on it again after they ate. Then she went upstairs and had my son help her clean his room. Then she called me and had me vacuum in there and I also swept in there because it was easier than to suck up all the dirt when I can just sweep it in a pile. The room looked peaceful again and no more chaos. It looked the way it did when he first got his own bedroom. My son was happy too and said he liked his clean room better. I told him he should always put his toys away when he is done with them before playing with another toy so it won’t get messy. I had been doing that since I was six.



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