Our meeting about my son

Friday, April 8th, 2016

My mom and I finally did our appointment with the school district about our child. The lady told us she was breaking the law here by showing us the test and how they scored and she said this was only from a limited time she gets to see him and she admitted she doesn’t know how he is in other areas except for when she sees him in school. My mom gave her some new information I had failed to share because I was not even aware of it. My mom said the pediatrician told us he thinks he may be experiencing anxiety. My mom thinks our son has social anxiety because he does fine at home but when he gets in a large group he shuts down and withdraws like his dad does. My mom also said my son is overly aware of peoples feelings and would get upset if someone wasn’t happy so he would try and give you a toy until you are happy and he just shuts down when he is around a bunch of kids because of so many feelings. I said his dad is the same way about feelings. I know this is also common in people on the autism spectrum, feel feelings and shut down because they feel them too much. The lady went over the results and said she thinks he may be borderline on the spectrum because he does things that makes her think he isn’t on it and then he does other things that makes her think he is. She told us about his behavior he does and my mom said he she has never seen him smell things at home and I said I had never seen it either but I have seen him bite the edge of his fingers while watching his 3DS and my mom said she has never seen him rock or bang his head or do things with his fingers or even pace and the lady said she never saw him do that either but he bites his nails and shirt and my mom called that a nervous habit. The lady also thinks he may have acute hearing because he gets distracted by sound and he heard a fire truck and got distracted by it and she also thinks he may have good sense of smell and my mom noted the same thing. My mom thinks the anxiety manifests the ASD symptoms so we are going to try and get him reevaluated.

So he could have symptoms and barely even have it. But we don’t know. Then the lady thought he might need a 504 Plan but my mom said absolutely not because he could change and his learning too and how he processes things and kids evolve as they grow. I never had a 504 Plan but I had an IEP Plan. I found out so did my Bipolar/ADD cousin.

But it was very interesting how they rate ASD. Mild ASD is some symptoms and moderate ASD is amount of symptoms they show and severe ASD is a lot of amount of symptoms they show and she said that people with severe ASD are non verbal and totally not there and don’t seem to be aware of what is going on around them. Online I had seen the opposite. I read someone’s post on Wrongplanet  to have an ASD you needed to have a lot of symptoms but it doesn’t seem to be that way here. It seems to be you need to have enough significant impairment and score on the scale to have it. 30 is a cut off for CARS-2 and my son got a 32 which was barely on the scale. My mom thinks his anxiety may have made that high score so he we are going to get him reevaluated. The lady also made notes on what my mom said including “social anxiety” and wrote down his high awareness of feelings and she said she will share it with the school district and my mom also suggested my son could use the FM unit so he could focus and tune out the background noise. My mom also suggested my son may need breaks to go outside and run around so he could focus in class and I said that could go in his IEP.


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