Our day today

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

My husband and I went to the flea market as planned. I was supposed to get the kids ready but I took too long to get up, it took me a half hour. I got myself ready and my husband started to get the kids ready instead. While he was doing that, I pick up the house a little and get ready and my husband is shouting at our son because he is whining. Then we leave and my husband apologizes to me for getting upset with me this morning. Upset? When did he get upset?

He told me he got upset because he told me to get the kids ready and I didn’t so he had to do it and I wasn’t doing anything. I told him I helped out but he said I did not and I was cleaning and he had to get the kids ready. I told him I didn’t even get the chance because he decided to do it and he said I got myself ready and I said I was going to get them ready next but apparently I took too long.

We stop at McDonalds and I realize I didn’t have my 3DS so I had to go home and get it while my husband ordered our food. Then I came back and brought the kids inside and my husband had ordered us pancakes with eggs and biscuit and sausage patty. I ate all of mine but not the kids. They also got a toy. Then we headed to the flea market and it was mostly outdoor. It was nothing like near our house. It was more like a yard sale. They had a bunch of booths and most of it was tools but there were some vintage toys and some clothes and a few video games.

But my son was overwhelming. He was whining again because he wanted this toy or that toy and was crying and I was getting stressed out and couldn’t focus. I couldn’t even enjoy my time there with his whining and having to pull him around. My husband had to cross the street to an ATM to pull money out and my son wanted this slimy hand and I wanted to look around than staying at one booth waiting. So I had to pull him away and he just cried and cried. Then my husband came back and gave some money and I took our son back to the booth and I bought that hand for him and something for myself. He acted better and it took me a while to recover from the anxiety. Then he was whining about about the toy getting dirt on it and I had to find my husband again and I left our son with him because I couldn’t relax and enjoy my time here because of the way he was acting and the fact he kept asking for stuff. Mostly cars but he has enough of those and we even got rid of a bunch at the yard sale last September. So I was able to relax and look around in peace and concentrate and I saw stuff I had missed before. I even went inside and looked around and saw some toys my son would like and then I found my husband outside and he had gotten out son two Hotwheels.

I found out you needed to pay to get inside and I didn’t see anyone where you pay a dollar to so I thought the sign was for something else. So basically I had snucked in. the second time I went inside I had to pay just so my son could use the restroom because he had to go so I gave her five bucks and she gave it back to me due to no change and stamped my hand so basically I got in for free due to having too much money. I had spent my three bucks on two Playstation games so i didn’t have any ones anymore. Then we go to the restrooms and I see the men and women signs pointing the opposite ways. Men was the women’s restroom and the women’s restrooms was the men’s, they were in reversed. I thought it was very odd so I head to the woman’s only to find a urinal and a man washing his hands. What kind of sick joke was this? So I went to the men’s and it was the women’s restroom. I looked at the signs again and there were the arrows pointing the opposite direction. It made me think of this song:

But at least I had none of this experience.

But I took my son back to the booth as promised and gave him a time limit to look at each vintage car. I gave him five minutes and I paced around and waited while he liked picking up each car and opened up each car door and hood and closing them again and then moving on to the next car and doing the same. Then when five minutes was up, it was hard to get him to transition. I might need to buy a timer and keep it in my purse so he knows the time and how much he has since he can’t even tell him yet. So telling him “You have five minutes to do this” wouldn’t work because he wouldn’t even know what five minutes looks like. But I had to pull him off the ground and pull him with me when we left and then he got over it fast after we left. I had to look for my husband because he had plans for this afternoon and it was already 11:30. We found him and I told him I was ready to go and we left.

My husband called his parents to be sure the barbecue was still on but it got cancelled. I was actually relieved because I wasn’t in the mood for socializing so the change of plan didn’t upset me. Instead it meant I could stop at Goodwill which is what we did but that Goodwill sucked because it was very small and they didn’t have anything good there. Then we left and headed to get my husband’s hair cut but they were closed so we dropped him off at his parent’s friends house.

I got lost on the way because I missed my exit because some dumb ass wouldn’t let me in his lane so I got off at the next exit and I couldn’t find the street the exit sign pointed to. I hate getting lost because it wastes gas, it makes me anxious and it gives me anxiety. I even cried and got frustrated and had to pull over and I ordered my husband to put on GPS for me so I could find the street. I just drove around again trying to find my way out of this neighborhood maze and I had to stop just so GPS could locate us. When it did, I looked on the map and saw where the street was and saw I wasn’t very far from it. I was just turned around and if I had turned the other way, it would have brought me to that road I needed. So I had to do a few turns and then turn the right way and then I was on the way to the hair cutting place.

That also meant I didn’t have to clean when I got back like my husband wanted me to do because the barbecue was cancelled but I still did a little bit of cleaning and I sat outside while the kids played. Then I gave them baths separately and I let my son play in the tub and had my husband wash his hair for me because I didn’t want to deal with the screaming and him squirming and my husband did it without him screaming and crying.

And my husband’s brother still came over with his son and his half sister so it didn’t upset me. I just didn’t chit chat and the kids played while my husband visited his brother. My husband also ordered a pizza since there was no time to go to the store and get the stuff and then cook. Then they left after nine and the kids went to bed without a problem because my husband had put them to bed.



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