Different perspective

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

Today at my son’s appointment I had to fill out a little questionnaire. The question I got was “Does your child play well with other children? Yes No. I didn’t know what to circle. It was yes and no. He plays fine with his cousin, he plays fine with his sister, he played fine with an autistic boy I heard from my in law, but when he is at school, he doesn’t play well with others. I hate black and white questions. SO just write a line in the middle for in between because neither. if it’s both answers, line. If it’s off and on, line. If it varies, line. And some questions I skip because they are too hard for me to answer. I do not like absolute answers and black and white questions that don’t give you a free answer.

My mom told me to put yes for “Does your child play well with other children?” and I said “he has a hard time playing with other kids” and my mom said “he plays well with his cousins, in large groups he gets overwhelmed.”

Okay so here it leads to this question. Frankie had Asperger’s, ODD, anxiety and ADHD. I heard he had a hard time with other kids. But we both played well together, my brothers played well with him until he started to get violent with them when his hormones changed. Okay so would that mean his mom would have to say yes to “does your son play well with other kids?” because he played well with me or with my brothers? Also the question doesn’t list age groups or what type of kids so how would you answer it about your special needs child? What if your kid was on the autistic spectrum and there were neighborhood kids that were just very accepting and always invited your child to play with them and they always came over and played with them, would you then answer yes to that? By to my mom’s logic, of course it would be a yes.

Now that leads to how would I answer that question about myself as a child? Would it be yes because I played well with my brothers or played well with other kids in my self contained room, I played well with younger kids, I played well with my own friends at my house but yet other times I didn’t play well at all so what would my mother have answered? I was bossy, I did get upset, I had a hard time at their houses, I had a hard time relating to them, I had a hard time in school starting around 4th grade.

I do have a hard time with black and white questions when there are so many possibilities. Do any normies have a hard time with black and white questions?

My mom and I both have two different perspectives. I see both, she only sees one just because my son can play well with his cousins.

I guess if you want your kid to be normal as possible, pick the best answer to the questions as possible. If you want your kid to be different as possible, pick the worst answer to the questions as possible. Neither of the answers would be a lie because you had to pick because it wasn’t black and white, it was both yes and a no.



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