Apparently I do talk to myself

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

I keep hearing how people on the spectrum talk to themselves and I always tied this down to a personality thing. My mom always talked to herself when I was little so I thought she was crazy. She is not on the spectrum and she is NT. My ex boyfriend, Jerry, talked to himself, he was a narcissist, not on the spectrum. I have seen this question in the older version of the RDOS quiz about do you talk to yourself and it’s listed as an autistic trait. I have never seen it listed as one in the medical field except for on the autism forums. I would rather rely more on the medical field that on hearsay.  But anyway my husband tells me I talk to myself as I type or read because I mumble or whisper. I don’t realize I am doing this. I do hear the words when I type. I hear my own voice in my head as I type or read. My husband has also told me he can hear me talking to myself upstairs. I wonder if I really talk to myself in public and if anyone has ever thought I was crazy. I always thought I talked to myself in my head and have my own conversations in my head so this is talking to yourself but the test never said if you talk to yourself out loud or not. It only asked if you talk to yourself but it doesn’t say if it has to be out loud or not. But anyway I think this is just a personality thing.


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