Another theory for my son’s ASD label

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

It is a possibility I didn’t say anything wrong or unintentionally exaggerate. My cousin who lives in her parents house here said schools get more funding when a kid has a ASD. So I think the school district may have done it to my son to get more funding so they can help him. With ASD being so big these days, schools will try and put kids on it to get more funding from the state so they can help these children. My mom understands they are also doing the best they can so we have to do the best we can. So we are in the process of trying to set up an appointing with the clinic to test him for a diagnoses because he clearly needs one now. My mom thinks ASD is too broad, too extreme and she admitted she doesn’t really understand it because there are so many components with it. Yes everyone has a little symptom there and here but it doesn’t mean they are on the spectrum. You can read about it and it may sound like you but it wouldn’t mean you have it. You can read about it and relate to it but it wouldn’t mean you have it because they are are degrees, there are over laps. Even I don’t understand the ASD criteria too much and my mom said she had read it at the library and she doesn’t understand it. So we need to get my son tested and see where he fits. They might even have to round to a nearest label meaning they would have to find a criteria for closest match to his symptoms. Not everyone will fit into a box and that is a issue with labels too.

So this all could be about the funding and I didn’t do anything wrong with my answers.


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