The stress of no credit card

Monday, March 28th, 2016

So my husband has me use my credit card so we won’t go over drawn because he pays bills. A couple weeks back our card was hacked so a new card was sent out to us. It was supposed to take 7-10 business days and those days go by and no card. I started to have anxiety because no card, that means I have no money. So it’s been eating away inside my brain and when things aren’t fixed now, it takes a toll on me so I start to have anxiety and then I can’t cop as much. It’s like I can’t do everything at once. So lately I have been having anxiety and I was very anxious yesterday and antsy and spaced out because of all this. Worst of all I did find out our credit cards came but they got lost by my father. I hate it when people touch my mail and move it and I never saw it. I had been looking in the mail box every day and asking my dad if anything came from Wellsfargo and he said no every time so more anxiety there because I knew it came but it got lost and I was left without a credit card.

Today I had to watch Spectre before taking it back to redbox. Also the house needed to be cleaned because the kids made a mess with their toys and food and candy wrappers and that was also driving me crazy because it was all chaos. We also had to take in our PS3 to get it fixed. It either needs to be cleaned or the laser went out. My husband also talked to Gamestop and they said the PS4 does not play PS3 games. It’s always good to do your research before buying anything. So we go out and I take back the movies and then I stopped at Wellsfargo on the way to try and get our credit cards reshipped but instead the teller couldn’t do anything and said I would have to talk to the banker. Both bankers were there but they were busy with other people an I didn’t want to wait. I didn’t know how long it was going to take so I just left. Then we dropped off our PS3 and then we stopped at the US Bank and my husband signed me up there for a credit card. I didn’t even want to stop for any Streetpasses which was at Home Depot and I didn’t want to stop to eat because I didn’t feel good due to the anxiety and I just wanted to go home and clean, I wanted to be back ASAP to do it. Then we got back and my husband called them and paid $16 to have them shipped out to be here by Wednesday and they cancelled out the other credit cards. I am starting to feel better knowing that this is fixed and put behind me now. No more stress and have it eat me away inside my brain. I also did clean but it turned out it wasn’t that bad. I did pick up the toys and some garbage and that was it. It was like my mind played a trick on me. Our daughter is sleeping thank god. She fell asleep in the car and I brought her inside and up to her room and she opened her eyes when I placed her down but she went right back to sleep. i covered her up and left. I can’t vacuum of course because she is sleeping.

Now tomorrow is our appointment with my son’s pediatrician about his school evaluation. I am going to show him the report card too and his evaluation report and have him read through all that. I don’t know what he would think or say but my mom wants us to get a  referral and have him professionally tested. Maybe that explains all the doctors I used to go to as a kid because my school would try and say I was having this issue or had a disorder so my mom would take me to my pediatrician and get referrals because they are the experts and the school staff are not. Sometimes schools have experts too like school psychologists but I don’t know if they have the same degree as psychologists or if they even have a PH.D


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