Sometimes I hate my husband’s family

Saturday, March 26th, 2016

Anyone that knows me knows I hate change of plans, especially if they happen at the last minute.

Today my husband and I were going to go out and buy Easter stuff and this was planned for all week. Then last night he decided on going to flea markets and I also decided we should buy more diapers too for our daughter since she is down to a few left so the plan it was. I planned to leave around noon so it gets few minutes close to it so I wake my husband up, I get the kids ready and then I go to the basement to get myself ready and bam that is when it happens, my sister in law is coming over.

What? Did I just hear that right?

Yeah you’re right, my sister in law is coming over.

The freak out begins. I started screaming and I am very upset because the plans had changed. They live on the other side of town like 40 minutes out. I have no idea how bad traffic is and I don’t know how long it will be for them to get here. No way am I waiting that long for them to get here when the flea market closes at 5 PM and I had planned to get the stuff and then go to the flea market. Big stress. To much change. Day ruined.

I am so pissed about all this and upset. My husband couldn’t even say no because we had plans and he doesn’t even see this as a last minute change. What?

I told my kids to forget it, we’re not going anywhere, everything is cancelled and I decided to just go get the stuff myself and problem solved. I will get over it. But then my husband gets upset with me because he was wanting to do it with mew and I kept screaming to forget about it because he chose to not say no so suffer the consequence.

Why do I hate my husband’s family, because they are too spontaneous. They can’t stick to their plans, they procrastinate and when they decide to do things, it’s at the last minute and then they inter fear with my plans and it deeply upsets me. They make me so anxious it’s ridiculous because they can’t stick to their plan and I don’t know what to expect. I wonder how I would have survived growing up with them. At least in my family things were more planned and structured and my mom was always clear about doing things and saying if. Like we can go to the zoo this weekend if the weather is nice, if it’s not raining, if you kids are good all week. But I don’t know how I would have survived my husband’s family if I grew up with them.

My husband was finally able to calm me down when he called them again and they were at the tunnel so it would be another twenty minutes and I decided to write this rant to blow off some steam and I just want to be alone and not talk to anyone or even be bothered.

We were able to go to the flea market after all and the two places have declined because they have shrunk, many of the booths are not my interest and there are only one booths that have video games for me to look at. There used to be several. Now they are only down to one at each place. It turns out that the owners have raised their rent so tenants have moved out, people go there and rob them, and there are several drug traffickers there, one of the owners was fined $50,000 because of fire hazard so there are less extension cords now and now there are less lights on now in the entire flea market. I got some new games and my son got several toy cars accidentally leaving one of them behind but they were only 50 cents so no biggie. Our daughter got a car too. Then on the way home my husband decided he could go get the Easter stuff and me and the kids just go home. I agreed to it and went along with it. wait a minute, didn’t I just say last minute change of plans upset me? My husband just changed the plan and I didn’t dig in my heels. I felt exhausted anyway from being at the market so I was glad to be home but then realized I was supposed to get diapers. Well she would last another day or two. I go home and I realize I needed a bus pass and we needed Easter grass for the baskets. My husband was already going to the store and I didn’t know his mobile number. I rest using the computer gain and my husband comes home and then I decide to go to a couple McDonalds for streetpasses and I went to Safeway. I went to McDonalds first taking our daughter so my parents wouldn’t have to watch her and my husband’s feet were sore. Then I went to safeway and got diapers and Easter grass and a bus pass. Then I went to another McDonalds and got streetpasses this time. the last one didn’t have their wifi turned on so I got none. Then I came home and I felt so exhausted I didn’t want to talk or listen. I just wanted to do the computer. I didn’t even have mental energy to do baskets like my husband wanted me too so he did all of them pretty much. I even had a delayed response because I heard him telling me our son was coming down and then the door opened after we were done and I yell at him to get out and shut the door. Luckily he didn’t notice the baskets I think and my husband thought I didn’t hear our son come down because I didn’t respond or even do anything. Being out does exhaust me and then I want to come home and relax and do nothing. I can’t listen or do anything else and I feel annoyed and irritable if anyone interrupts me. I need down time when I come home. But yet I still had baths to give and bedtime so I rested before I had to do it while our daughter napped and our son played.

Now tomorrow I am thinking of going to another flea market we were told about. It’s only open on Sundays.

And I still hate last minute change of plans.



5 comments on “Sometimes I hate my husband’s family

  1. Marielli says:

    Oh girl I’m the same way I hate it when people don’t have no consideration and just assume your not doing anything instead of calling and asking ahead of time. Sorry your plans were canceled hopefully your day is still a good one 🐰🐣❤️


    • Momof2 says:

      We still did our day, they only came by for gas money because my nephew wanted to see his girlfriend so I told my husband why did they do that if they didn’t have enough gas to get there and back? His girlfriend lives close to us where my in laws long time friend lives. They didn’t stay long at all.


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