Tense day

Thursday, March 17th, 2016

The appointment with the school district my mom and I were supposed to go to was cancelled because the woman called and cancelled because she was sick. So my mom rescheduled today for April 8th at the same time. I was disappointed and I feel tense inside and irritable. I did eat so I know hunger wasn’t the issue. I also don’t feel like eating either so I barely ate anything at the restaurant and only had mac and cheese and a piece of Hawaiian pizza and then tapioca. For the past few days I had barely eaten anything so my weight has gone down to 126. I come home last night and don’t have a clue what to eat so I go hungry on an empty stomach until my mom found pizza in the fridge and gave it to me. It was only two pieces and a cheese stick. Right now all I feel is wanting to be alone and relax with my computer and story. I don’t know if I am feeling depression or anxiety.


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