“No he didn’t do a good job.”

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

So two days ago my son was on his 3DS and his screen time would be over at 1:30 PM. It’s recommended he gets screen time two hours a day. Screen time is things like phones, tablets, game systems and handhelds, and TV unless he is playing something educational. So I told him in twenty minutes his screen time would be over. I was rounding because it was only 1:12. I was on my computer and I got over focused so I had lost track of time and before I knew it, it was already 1:50. I told my son I lost track of time and his screen time was over. But he wanted to finish watching a youtube video and I looked at the minutes and saw it had 9 left and there was no way I was going to wait that long for him to get off so I told him it’s time to have me the game system now and he said “after this.” I told him I was not going to wait ten minutes so hand me it now. He still argued saying he wanted to finish the video. But it had already started and it was still at the beginning so I started to grab it from him and he held onto it tight and I just yanked it out of his hands closing the system. He started to scream and cry and grabbing at me. I just walked away and told him he can play his Legos and right away he was over his little tantrum because he went right to the Legos and started to play as if he had forgotten about the tantrum. I told my mom about this the next day about how good he did and she said “No he did not.” I told her “But he got over it fast, it didn’t last six hours or an hour or a half hour” and she said to her a good transition would be no whining and screaming and yelling and then I added “and no arguing” and she said “right.” She said a good transition would be I tell him it’s time to get off and he stops right away without any problem, no whining or nothing or telling me to wait until he is finished. She then started to tell me how I should give him a warning and I told her I did give him one but I had lost track of time because I got so into my computer and I tune everything out. She then started to tell me how I should keep the computer away because I lose track of time and don’t feed my kids and then they are hungry and I hadn’t fed them. I know, I just need to try harder. What am I supposed to do while waiting on my kids? Just sit and do nothing or else I could lose track of time if I get into anything?

So my mother and I saw the whole transition thing in a different light. I thought he did good while she thought he didn’t do good because she had her own perspective on what is a good transition. My perspective on a bad transition would have been if my son had carried on for a few minutes like five minutes or fifteen minutes or more.

Well I am going to bed at two and the time is now 1:55 AM so I have a warning to get off this computer and to go to bed. I have been paying attention to the time so I can get off when it’s time.


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