Explaining to me what the marks mean

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

I showed my mom the report card and she said she saw it and asked me what I thought. I told her it contradicts the report. It says he is doing fine and it’s very obvious they see him in a different light and I see him in a different light and she sees him in a different light and the teacher contracted herself with her comment on the back saying how he has a short attention span.

My mom has to explain to me what the check marks actually were. I didn’t understand the difference between the plus signs and check marks because they looked the same to me and came off as  contradiction. It all says he is developing appropriately, what is the difference with that and being consistent. My mom told me the plus signs were he does it all the time and the check marks were he can do it and he had done it before but won’t do it again. He is able to do it but he won’t do it. She said his hyperactivity gets in the way and also he is stubborn so that also gets in the way too. She even explained the check marks with minus signs which I called dashes in my last post and she said it means he needs to work on it even though he can do it but he needs practice. But then there are the plus and check mark signs together and she said it was he is developing it appropriately at his age level and he does it all the time.

I remember finding my own report cards and they are all minus and my brothers were all plus signs and I felt so bad because it made me feel so retarded and my mom said “you’re not” and I told her I saw the negative comments too like how I had a hard time with change in the classroom and I thought I handled it well then because I didn’t have anxiety so it must have showed through my behavior. She told me it was all transitions I had a hard time with. I remember there was another and it said how I don’t follow the rules. My mom said she was sorry I had to see that. I don’t know why she was sorry, was it meant to be hidden and never have me see it because it’s all negative? I would like to dig out those report cards again to see my grades and marks to refresh my memory but I have no idea where my parents put them but I did find all my medical and IEP reports dated from early childhood up until my senior year. I remember lot of stuff in my report cards from elementary school were “needs improvement” and my grades were not good. No straight A’s. That is why I felt dumb.


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