Damn Kaiser

Monday, March 7th, 2016

We have two medical bills we gotta pay all because my husband went to the dentist on Thursday and they said he had full coverage and he won’t be charged anything. After his appointment, he checks out and the lady at the computer says “Wait you don’t have insurance.” He had it when he walked in and it was in the computer and then all of a sudden he wasn’t anymore so she said he will be getting billed. My husband called Medicare and they said he was covered on it so he called Kaiser and they said he didn’t have insurance so they sent an email to the headquarters. My husband never heard back from them so he called them today to see what is going on and he cancelled his appointment with them and he decided he will just pay the bills and go somewhere else. This isn’t the first time he has had a problem with them. My husband once had  a seizure on the train on the way to his appointment so he missed his stop and missed his appointment. All they did was reschedule and didn’t give him medical attention when he told them he had a seizure on the train so he missed his stop. Then another time he had hurt his back so they sent him to a doctor to someone who didn’t know what he was doing so he made it worse and then my husband could barely even move. Now he is having insurance issues with them. He is so sick of them. I wonder if he has had more problems with them besides these three. So he is going to go somewhere else and I hope he won’t have that same insurance problem. I wonder why can’t my husband just show them his card and my husband can call them in front of them to confirm he has insurance. But yet Kaiser says they can’t do that. Damn Kaiser. Now we are stuck with a $69 bill and a $175 dental bill. My husband just wants to pay them to get it over with and move on while most people would try and fight it.


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