Incompetent people

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

My son got another book order this month so I turned it in when school started again after one week’s of vacation. I told the teacher the book order was in the backpack in the back part. I didn’t see it in there when I checked and then yesterday I go pick my son up and we are home and I notice he hands me part of the book order and think it’s was left over from when I had cut the form part off, I put it aside. Then few minutes later, I notice the book order coupon for a free book and then I notice the check, the teacher never took it. Fuck.

I feel upset and pissed and I hope it’s not too late to still turn it in and it was last week I turned it in so I will try and do it today when it’s day time and just go in and give it to the teacher and to make sure she gets it and I hope it’s not too late. The coupon needed to be returned by the 29th if not used so I probably still have time. Now the only worry I have on my mind is forgetting to do it and I want it done NOW because it’s on my mind and I want to get it off my mind. But looking on the bright side, my son won’t even notice but I still can’t get this out of my mind.

And All State is stupid, I cancelled their insurance last week and I got an email from them telling me my payment is due on the 28th and there will be a automatic with drawl. I sent an email to my former agent and I also pa on calling the 1-800 number when it’s day time to complain. Another reason to not do automatic payments. They were ripping me off because they jacked up the car insurance price and I went to State Farm and got $302 for insurance and that is for six months. My dad actually did it for me. He told me I was being ripped off because he doesn’t pay that much for his insurance and it only pays $800 a year. I wish it was illegal to rip people off.


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