It’s become 1984

Saturday, February 13th, 2016

In George’s Orwell book, there were cameras everywhere for Winston monitoring his every move. I don’t know the story line but I have seen parts of the movie and they were living like it was the 40’s because that was when the book was written. But I see it has happened already as George Orwell predicted. We have security cameras so it’s easier to catch thieves and vandals, and other criminals, we have internet so work places use them to monitor what you do online and what you do in your personal time and even co workers and other people will report to your work about what you posted online. You can even get suspended or expelled from school for stuff you do in your spare time online. Even things you put online can be taken out of context. One time I read on Reddit by someone that she was at work and it was a nice day outside and she wrote on her phone during break time “I can’t wait to get off work to enjoy the nice weather” and her boss called her into the office and asked if she was happy working with them. Luckily she was let off with a warning. Okay, you can say this to someone at work with your mouth and you wouldn’t be called to the office but put it online, you do?

So it might not exactly be the same but it’s pretty similar. I mean security cameras are not an issue because they are only to monitor and to catch someone and it’s to keep someone from being falsely accused thanks to the cameras and if you are not there to commit a crime, it’s not an issue to be watched on camera. But I take issues to the internet which is why I do not post real photos of me, not ever tell anyone my usernames in real life I use online, not use the same email I have used online for real life if I ever have to get a new job again. Not add your boss or co workers to your Facebook friends and to keep your page private from the public and have it only be friends only. Now people suspend their Facebook accounts when they go looking for work because places will now ask for your password to see your page. You have no right to a private life. No one will separate work and your personal life and I guess they don’t know about work behavior and home behavior. And there is no law against life discrimination saying you can’t refuse to hire someone based on their lifestyle.  But even if such law were to pass, it will still happen like it still does for people with disabilities, women, and women who are pregnant and people who have kids but there are loopholes and it’s easy to get away with because how are you going to prove it? How are you going to know it was discrimination? You can only assume but you would have to prove it. You can suspect all you want that you didn’t get the job because you have children but how would you prove you were wrongly not hired? How would you know someone wasn’t more qualified than you?

And also cell phones all have cameras now so you can record anything you see and put it online and that can also get the person fired if they were being racist which I find legitimate. That just means people now have to act better in public now because they might be recorded and it could cost them their job.



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