Does Stupid really Exist?

Friday, February 12th, 2016

We always hear “I hate stupid people” and no one likes to be told how dumb they are and it’s pretty assassin to call a person with mental retardation stupid or anyone with a learning disability or who have social issues. But there is different kinds of intelligence. People have different learning style, some are visual, some are auditory, some are hands on learning, there is book smart, street smart, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, verbal intelligence, non verbal intelligence, there is cognitive abilities or problem solving skills.

Stupid literally means lack of intelligence. So I could say I am stupid in social things or other things I have a hard time in. My parents say Jayden was not very smart. He barely passed high school and he graduated and he was in special ed but had a hard time with school work. I reminded my mother I had a hard time in school too so I also needed help with school work and I also wouldn’t have passed if I didn’t get any extra help. Jayden didn’t get the help he needed and she did say the schools up there where he lived are not very great. But she still thought he was not bright. Now would she feel this way about me if I wasn’t her daughter? I do believe parents are bias about their kids. they will exaggerate their strengths and their intelligence and their abilities and what kind of people they are. I have noticed the pattern. For example, I will see a parent write online about their child and they mention how abusive their kid is, they bully them, are aggressive, picks on other kids and their little siblings, and then they backpedal saying how great they are and how sweet they are.

But how can you really know for sure if your parent is bias about you or if they are being truthful? I have looked in my medical records and found in my IEP from third grade that my learning disability is severe and in 5th grade my psychologist Erika Bitner wrote how my overall IQ score is not accurate due to my language and she said my intelligence is in the average range and it could be above average and she based this on other scores I got on the test that were higher. Even my psychiatrist said I was very smart and smart like everyone else and I had a hard time believing that. Everyone always thought I was stupid. I struggled in school with school work. I could not find answers straight from the book when I had to answer questions because they were not direct. I was told I had a different learning style, I am visual, I am concrete and I have excelled in work that was taught in my style the way my brain works. I would say just listen to your doctors and to your medical reports because if no doctor has ever diagnosed you as a slow learner, you are probably not slow or else it would have been noted in early childhood. I have never seen the label that I had mental retardation except it would say I score in the mildly retarded range and then it was in the borderline range and then my overall IQ score was a 99 in 5th grade. That is average where the majority are. I read they will range from 90 to 115.

Okay so I found a page on City Data about hating the low intelligence. People in that thread had their own definition of the word stupid. This just shows how words have evolved. When people say stupid, they do not mean the low intelligent. They could mean willfully ignorant, unwilling to learn, choosing to do things like making bad choices or slacking off in school even though they are capable of doing the work but are choosing to not do it, unwilling to understand or be educated.

I also notice people will call someone stupid when they have a different opinion or perspective. I could call someone stupid for choosing to not believe someone but they could choose to call me stupid for believing the person. But I rarely call someone dumb. Are narcissists dumb? Was Ted Bundy dumb? Are drug users dumb? Is Dr. Phil dumb?

Anyone can choose to break the law, anyone can do stupid things, anyone can be a bigot. Intelligence has nothing to do with it. Then there is the mentally ill so they also do stupid things but it doesn’t mean they are dumb. Their logic is just off and they don’t think rationally like one mentally ill woman in San Francisco thought it was a good idea to threaten the officers with a knife and charge at them for it so they shot her in self defense after the maise didn’t work. She had a diagnoses of schizophrenia and she didn’t want to be committed to a hospital because she had quit taking her meds and was neglecting her home and her health so she threatened violence on her social worker and she called the police. The mentally ill woman and her family did sue but they keep losing. Now anyone would know this is a stupid thing to do and the woman was also intelligent. Also in that city data thread, emotional intelligence is mentioned which would explain why people still do stupid things because of the influence of another person because they can’t say no or stand up for themselves.

I don’t know how many times I have been called stupid for not understanding something and it’s very ironic when I try, I get in trouble for it so I have to do the opposite. But then I read how stupid people don’t even try and get things but yet here I am having to be stupid to avoid being called stupid and getting people upset. I guess being called stupid can be a compliment because it would mean they think I am smarter than that and capable so they are not buying I don’t understand.

Also I have been called stupid when I would be right about things and they would call me stupid for it but the irony is they were the ones who are stupid, not me so they think I am stupid.

But I also find when people think I am not very smart, they will treat me with more respect. But if they don’t think I am unintelligent, they don’t treat me well and they have no patience.

Stupid and unintelligent are not the same thing. if you are unintelligent, people will still respect you and not dislike you or get mad at you because you can’t help it. But if you are stupid, you can help it so they get mad and don’t respect you. If you are unintelligent and people are treating you bad and not having patience with you and they always seem to act negative around you and always get mad at you when you don’t get things or when you misunderstand or when you ask questions, it just means they don’t think you are unintelligent, it just means they think you are being stupid. They don’t think you have a low IQ. Even if you do have a normal IQ and you still struggle to follow directions or to understand or to follow instructions, or give into pressure they think you can do it but think you are doing it intentionally so they think you are stupid.

I thought Jayden acted stupid. I thought he was stupid. It was because of the way he thought and felt about life like he thought everything should be free. This is kid thinking here. He thought money shouldn’t exist and people should just be handed things and if you want a game system, you apply for it and it will be handed to you. Now everyone knows there is no way in hell this would work. We would all go bankrupt, we would all be shortage on food and supplies, we would also be short on fuel, auto mechanics, doctors, etc. What kind of life would this be? Also you can’t force people to work and be slaves. People will just purposely get fired or slack off and not take their job seriously. Money is fuel and that is what keeps our country running. Everyone knows this. But my ex thought this and this is something you would expect to see in a child because they don’t know any better. The lack of life experience, they don’t realize how the real world really works, they just don’t have enough knowledge yet to know. But a 20 year old thinking this? OMG. he thought it was all “retarded” we all had to pay for gas, pay to live, pay to eat. he also didn’t like taxes so I told him why we had them. Taxes is what pays for the schools, pays for the roads, pays for Social Security and Foodstamps and Medicare, it also pays to maintain the prisons and housing inmates and to pay for people who work there and to pay for the teachers and pay for anyone who works for the state and taxes pay for the city libraries. Police officers get paid that way too. But he refused to knowledge this and still thought it was “retarded” and he even though I wanted him to cross the highway instead of the street and smart people will knowledge their mistake, not blame it on others and deny it. I sometimes wonder if he was also a narcissist or was he just dumb? Just lot of things he would say sounded unintelligent and he would get a thought in his head and think ti was true rather than trying to find proof that thought he has is true. he told me when you escape from prison, they freeze all your accounts. I asked him now how does he know that and he said it was common sense and why would they let you live on freely if you are in prison so they freeze your accounts so they can catch you because you would have no money to spend. I didn’t believe him, I didn’t believe lot of things he said because I had a hard time believing them. he even thought the government legally killed. He hires someone to assassinate someone and it’s unreported so that is why missing people are never found. He also thought the government could just take your house if they wanted it. I didn’t believe it. If the gov takes your home, you have probably been convicted of a crime and went to prison so what is going to happen to your home? Or if you lived on the side of the road and they had to widen it so they buy your house because it was in the way of the plan, or you owe money on your home and you haven’t been paying the mortgage, the bank takes it back and you get kicked out and if you refuse to leave, they can involve the cops to get off their property,  or live in a town that got evacuated like Pitcher, Oklahoma did or Centralia,  Pennsylvania, the state also bought their homes so they could move. But yet he was book smart and he knew how to hook up any speakers to his computer and he told me how he made one of his old gaming systems region free by taking out a part. My parents said that was nothing and anyone could do that. Uh I don’t know how to connect normal speakers to the computer, I wouldn’t know how to mess with the wiring. Some people just have more talent than others. He was just tech smart. My mother thinks he was a schizophrenic because of his thinking and how he moved his hands and the look he would have on his face like he wasn’t there like he was stoned and it was the way he talked. She said he had lot of problems. I also think he may have had OCD because he would get over paranoid like thinking he would get over drawn so I told him just as long as he balances his checkbook, it won’t happen and always put the amount in he spends right after he uses his bank account. He was also worried about identity theft so he told me how he would call the bank every 20 minutes to make sure his money was still there. I told him it only happens when he gives out his personal information and not shredding his bank statements and cancelled checks. He also had to keep an even amount in his bank. It had to be $50, not $49 or $57 and if he had $111 in the bank, he had to take out a dollar to make it $110. It all had to be in 5’s or 0’s. He said this kept him from going over drawn.

Then there was Jerry and I thought he was just naive but it didn’t take me long to realize he was just willful ignorant so I could say he was stupid since that is how the word is used today. He also made assumptions and would assume they were correct like he thought lot of special ed kids in my school were just lazy and he thought kids in my school who liked Shrek were all in special ed and he thought everyone did try and teach me before age six to tie my shoes and I just didn’t comprehend it. He thought people who wore cartoon clothes were stupid unless they were special needs. He was just a very judgmental person and I can’t believe I dated him. I could say judgmental people are stupid and intelligence has nothing to do with it.

I still thinks stupid is a word people throw around to describe different perspectives, not agreeing with them, expecting them to be like them, expecting them to be at the same level as them or have the same abilities as them, and because people don’t understand what is going on in that person’s head so they are judging them. A person working at the airport at the ticket counter might think someone is stupid for not knowing how to work the machines that print out your boarding pass because they don’t realize you have never flown before or you just don’t fly at all or haven’t flown in eight years. Even my parents get frustrated with the machines and my Dad has less patience with them and they fly more often than I have as an adult because I have only flown twice since the year 2007 and those two times were the only times I used the machine and I have seen others needing help with it too and in Wisconsin this ticket lady said :”It’s easy, it’s not that hard to figure out” and she wouldn’t help us until my husband told her “We have never flown.” A white lie but she was being an ass and I could have complained but didn’t want to bother trying to find out how to make the complaint so she can treat her customers better. Sometimes you have lie to get through a situation and I would have never thought to say that lie. Instead I would be trying to figure out the machine and getting frustrated at trying to figure it out and how long would that take for the lady to decide she better help me?



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