Having a hard time feeling for this mother

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016


The father forgives the mother because he knows that being angry about it and holding onto it won’t bring their baby back.

But the mother was high on drugs when she rolled on top of her baby. I don’t doubt it was an accident but the thing was she did drugs and I know addictions are real. But the thing is why even do them in the first place? I tend to have an addictive personality so I would never do drugs. I don’t want to get addicted to them. And when she got pregnant, she should have started to work on her addiction to get off them. Also I wonder why the father was with a drug addict. It’s possible she might have gotten addicted to them after they were together. But I am going to be doing further research on the story to see if there is more detail like why was she on drugs, why did she do them, how long had she been doing them, were they married, was she on pain meds and she got addicted. What kind of drugs were they.

Just did some research and read she had 34 bags of heroin and 10 oxycodone pills. Now my new argument is why take more than needed. I looked up those pills and it said misusing them can cause an addiction or death or overdose.

But when it comes to drugs, it just loses my sympathy and I feel it is their fault and they need to be held responsible. I don’t care about peer pressure or anything, just don’t do drugs. “Oh I didn’t know I would get addicted to this stuff” Bullshit, just don’t do them at all because you never know if you will get addicted. It’s a wonder why they are outlawed and drug users will try and justify it and try and say there is nothing wrong with it and call this all propaganda. Hello look at all the stories out there in the media, do you think they make that up? What about the effects it does to your brain and body? Are people lying about their negative experience? Even one of my old online friends was trying to make feel feel guilty for not doing drugs so she was asking me “do you not do them because you were told it was bad” and I told her I don’t do them because I learned about the effects it does to your brain and body and she called it all propaganda so I felt she was trying to pressure me to do them. But she doesn’t do them herself either so hypocrite much. Even in high school kids were trying to get me to do drugs saying how good it feels and how it will help me with my sleep. One girl in the gym suggested to me I smoke weed so I sleep better.




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