Lot of reasons why I got discarded

Friday, January 8th, 2016

No one really knows why they get discarded by their nex, all we can do is speculate why. I will never know for sure why mine discarded me. My mom thinks I got discarded because I was no longer living with him so I became useless because he only wanted me for money because I was on Social Security.

There are lot of theories why I was discarded.

  1. I kept calling him out on his bullshit
  2. I pointed out his hypocrisy
  3. I kept proving how wrong he is about things he has told me
  4. His manipulation tactics didn’t work with me
  5. I just didn’t care what people thought so that also didn’t with with me
  6. I wouldn’t let him control me
  7. I wouldn’t let his excessive fear of what people thought of him keep me from talking about us
  8. He couldn’t mold me into the person he wanted me to be
  9. He knew that discarding me would cause me lot of stress and anxiety because I wouldn’t know I was discarded because he was ignoring me
  10. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut so I was basically outing him and he didn’t like that
  11. I didn’t get how I was making him out to be a control freak and an ass


It’s all about control for a narcissist. If they can’t control their partner and get them to do what they want or if they are being outed, they run. They discard you. Did my ex ever did a smear campaign on me, I will never know and we didn’t share the same circle of friends so his smear campaign might have been useless so he might not have done it. So if you got discarded by your nex, that is a good thing because they let you go. That is the only good thing they ever do and the best thing they can ever do for someone. I didn’t have to worry about making his depression worse or worry being an asshole for dumping him at the wrong time and I didn’t have to worry about dumping him in the wrong spot such as his work for example. While I was so concerned about his feelings and trying to figure out how to dump him without being an ass, a narcissistic will purposely dump you at a bad time while I was so concerned about doing it because of the depression he was having and how much he wanted a relationship and to work things out. But I guess that was the manipulation tactic there and that is why the abused stay. My mom doesn’t understand how I could be with this guy and not break up with him and how I was going to move back in with him when he got his own place again. She thought we were already broken up when we lived apart. But it’s normal for the abused to cling onto their abusers and love them. It’s irrational, it’s illogical, even I can’t answer that myself. I ask myself why did I want to be with this asshole? Didn’t I learn from my first mistake from Jayden? I sometimes do wish I truly didn’t care about feelings of others or otherwise I would have dumped him on the phone ignoring that social rule or driving into his work and dumping him in front of his employers because I was so fed up with him and wanted to move on and have it be over between us so I wanted him to be sure he knew it was over between us. But he was abusive and I didn’t know at the time so if I had made his depression worse or did a dumb ass thing while dumping him, it wouldn’t have mattered.

Another theory I have is he may have known it was going to be over between us so to keep me, he ignored my calls thinking that would keep me in our relationship but instead it had backfired because I moved on finally. It’s all about control. Since he was losing me, he had to find another way to still control me and hurt me and that was not answering his phone. He may have known the night he blew up with me on the phone, he knew that scared me and that it was over between us so to make sure the break up won’t happen, he started going silent on me. He never apologized for his angry outburst. I didn’t confront him about it because I knew he would blame it on me and have it be my fault and that I had provoked it and that I was in the wrong. It was all about him and his own perspective and my thoughts and feelings didn’t matter or my anxiety. It was all about him. I even think he kept that Dish Network piece from me as his sick game for control and to drive me crazy and put me under so much stress and the only reason I got it back was because of the thread I made online about my concern getting into trouble with the service and worrying about bad credit and saying how I will involve a lawyer and send the police after him and Dish Network, etc. and that might have scared him so he got it back to me quickly. It all of a sudden mattered and he could all of a sudden give it to me without being too “busy.” I thought it was a coincidence but it probably wasn’t. Plus I had back up, my aunt and uncle and my parents and they all have money so they could help me afford a lawyer. After all he had stolen the thing from me and stealing is a crime.





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