How to get back at stranger

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

A local man yelled racial slurs at a woman while driving because he thought she was Hispanic.

The woman recorded it to post online to embarrass him and to show people how ignorance and hate can come quickly. She also hoped he would see it and learn something from it but instead it cost him his job. His work saw the video and fired him. The video also went viral. People shared it, it got posed on youtube and Reddit. There are several Reddit threads about it in the Portland subreddit. This just shows how you are not anonymous anymore because with phones having cameras now these days, you can record anything and put it online for the whole world to see and hope it goes viral and that their work place sees it. This also means to all the assholes out there how they should stop being an asshole and be nice now and leave people alone or else karma might happen like it did to this guy.

And apparently this isn’t the first time he has done it because someone on Portland subreddit also told their story about being his victim except it was about him being an asshole driver so the person flipped him off and he went into road rage and started yelling obscenities at the person. Also I read on the Portland subreddit that he had been doxed. People found out his name and where he lives and worked and it got posted online. Someone must have known him personally or how else would they figure out who he is? Plus he had on his work shirt that indicated his business and his Facebook profile got deleted. I don’t know if he closed it or if Facebook did.

But apparently this guy is a true asshole because of what I am reading about him from hearsay.


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