Mistakes happen

Thursday, December 24th, 2015

I was at the mall looking around and Gamestop had a sale, buy two, get one free so I got three DS games. I also got a Shopkin bag that had 14 trading cards in it and a surprise Shopkin. I did my purchase and the total was more than I thought but I paid anyway.

I was at Barnes & Noble reading a book by Michelle Knight about her kidnapping when I realized how could it be $24.99 if everything costed under $5. So I looked at my receipt and saw I was charged for a game I didn’t even get so I rushed to put the book back and rushed back to the store. I had to wait in line again and when my turn came again, I showed my receipt and the games I got and the cashier looked at the games and the receipt and saw the game didn’t match the price tag and the DS game. The game has been mispriced so when the item got scanned, it showed the different game that was on the price tag. The woman was very apologetic so I told her mistakes happen. She put the money back on my credit card so I got back $17 something.


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