Crazy religious abusive mother

Thursday, December 24th, 2015

The mother in the video flips out and says terrible things when her 17 year old son tells her he is an atheist so she slaps him and says how she wishes she could have aborted him and implies to disown him. Why must people feel threatened when someone doesn’t follow their religion?  Why can’t we all respect each other’s beliefs and I stay out of religion for this very reason. I don’t tell anyone god isn’t real or that I don’t believe in it. I have been called closed minded by a guy just because I had no interest in it or had no interest in going to church and listening to something I don’t believe in. I prefer to live a free life. I don’t want to be told how to live it or what to believe in. I think what the mom did in the video was child abuse.


2 comments on “Crazy religious abusive mother

  1. […] We got on this topic when I told my mother about how I almost not went on this trip because of a mistake our boss made while granting vacation requests. Two employees cannot be gone on the same day from each building so he was asking me if I can move my vacation to another week but I said that can’t be done or else that would mean I miss the funeral so I can have my husband and kids come out with my parents and they can take two cars and I will stay behind. The other co worker had a whole month off for vacation because of some religion thing she has and she must have saw my panic so she moved her vacation to a week earlier so she can be back the same day I will be gone. She had saved the day. But anyway I had said they had made religion a mental illness when the person takes it too far and my mom starts to explain about why people do religion and it’s about morals they follow because some people don’t know how to live their lives and to figure out right from wrong so they need religion to teach them. My mom taught us so we don’t need religion and I said you can still learn right from wrong like read about crime and learn about what is illegal and my mom said that wasn’t enough and they mean more like respect, how to treat others. To me that is still puzzling because you can watch movies and read books to figure out how nice people act and copy them and look at how mean people act and don’t do what they do. Also even children shows teach social skills. They also tell you how you should act. But apparently people need religion to teach them social skills. But some people take it too far like doing medical neglect because doctors are against their religion and medicine or some parents getting abusive when their kids decide to not follow their religion anymore like I showed in this one post here. […]


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