I don’t do religion but I still do Christmas

Sunday, December 20th, 2015

I consider myself to be an atheist because I do not believe in god. All the religion stuff is considered to be abstract so that could be why I am an atheist. I don’t understand religion or even like it so I don’t believe in it. I see religion as telling you how to live your life and what to believe in and I like to be free so therefore I do not have a religion.

But I still celebrate Christmas. It’s what I grew up with, I always liked decorating the tree, I always like the lights and the decorations and the cookies and the music and I loved getting new toys. I never saw it as a religious holiday even though there would Jesus stuff and songs about him but I didn’t care. Now I am an adult and I couldn’t imagine not doing it but the only pain it having to put up the decorations and having to unpack everything and then put everything all away when we take it down. As a kid, none of it was a big deal because I wasn’t the one getting it all out of the attic or garage. Now that I am an adult, I have to do all that stuff. Plus I don’t feel as motivated to put everything up, we used to do more decorations when I was a kid but it’s too much work to put it all up and taking it all down so we have the tree this year in the basement and living room and we have the Santa village and my mom has up the Nutcrackers and the garland. Plus my parents don’t really play Christmas music anymore. I guess when you get older, you don’t do that anymore. I just play it in my car or in my room and it’s mostly the station I listen too than my Christmas CDs.

But people refuse to celebrate it I hear because it’s a religious holiday and people like Jehovah’s Witness don’t celebrate it because they don’t know when Jesus was born so they don’t celebrate it. There is also Islam who also don’t celebrate it. I am sure there are other religions that don’t do it either. I hear atheism doesn’t do Christmas either. So I am breaking my own religion but like I say, I don’t do religion. but I do Christmas but I don’t see it as a religion, I see it as a family  tradition. It would feel weird to not have a Christmas. Plus I am sure my kids would be disappointed if we didn’t do it this year because we were too lazy to put up the tree. But we have not had presents under the tree in four years because my son would just unwrap them and now we have a baby girl and she will get to them too so they are always kept in the basement and they will go under the tree on Christmas day. She has been doing good not getting into the presents in my husband’s bedroom and in the laundry room. Our son has tried looking at them but we always order him to get out of there and say they are for other people. That is a lie because we don’t want him touching them and messing with them so if he thinks they are for other people, he won’t mess with them. I am beginning to understand why parents lie to their children, being honest doesn’t always work so you have to lie and that is the easy way out so you are not dealing with the whining and the poor impulse and the arguing and also with the tantrums.

Also don’t get me started on war on Christmas, people getting offended about any decorations being up so places like this have banned Christmas trees in public and a public park in Southern California banned the nativity scenes and the court upheld the ban. I am an atheist and I don’t care for these things but the atheists insisted on having them all banned. People have argued about rather there is a war on Christmas or not. If there is no war on it, then why are places banning Christmas trees and Nativity scenes? At least malls here still decorate. The one in Missoula, MT didn’t really decorate their mall for the season but the stores still sold Christmas items. The mall close to my house didn’t get too Christmassy but since the new company had bought it, they do decorate it more. They have trees all over and huge ornaments hanging from the skylights. Before, it used to just be lights hanging down from the skylights. They still have those hanging.

But if it’s a school that is banning Nativity scenes, then that is different because public schools can’t do religion and Nativity scene is a religion thing because of Jesus Christ. I wonder if any students aren’t allowed to bring a bible to school. But I remember the talk about it was banned in my high school and when we did a play, we had to change what item a character got from her boyfriend as a Christmas present, in the story she got a bible but because we weren’t allowed to do anything religious since it was a public school, we changed the item to scarf. See, even public schools still do Christmas despite it being a religious holiday and we still sang Christmas songs including the ones with Christ in it which is ironic.




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