Toddlers can cause serious injuries

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

The worst thing mine has ever caused me was a mark on my lip that lasted about a week when m baby girl head butted me (it was an accident because she didn’t mean to hit me). She gave me a bloody lip like someone had punched me there and it did hurt very much.

I don’t think causing a mark on my lip a serious injury but if you have to go to the hospital or had any head injuries, then that is serious.

And kids are supposed to be harmless and not hurt you? If it can happen on accident, then of course they can hurt you intentionally if they have issues or any mental disorders.

Now just imagine if there was an accident because of your child’s playing so you accidentally hurt him like stabbing him with a knife or pouring hot water on him because you had those in your hand when he knocked you over which was the reason why I never wanted my kids in the kitchen when I would be cooking because I didn’t know if they will get in my way and I trip over them or they grab me or push me because they are playing and I accidentally harm them and bam I am charged with child abuse. How many times has someone abused their child and then claim there was an accident? 30 years ago you could get away with harming your child, all you had to do was tell them it was an accident and make up a story how it happened, and bam the kid is still in your hands but now today not anymore so now innocent parents can lose their kids now and be charged if there is a true accident.

I once heard a story at work when I lived in Montana and there was a mother who was about to give her kids a bath but she didn’t see her son turning the water handle so the water got scalding hot. The baby girl got burned when the mother put her in the water and she got charged with child abuse even though it was an accident. Her kids were taken and she never got them back but she had two more after that but one of her older kids got adopted out.  That story scared me so I learned you better always make sure the water is the right temperature because you never know if your kid had touched it. So that is why I didn’t like having my small children in the kitchen while cooking noodles or using a sharp knife. I didn’t want any accidents and injuries ad then risk being accused of doing child abuse.


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