Almost forgot

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

At work I almost forgot about the east side daycare because it was Friday. I have a hard time remembering to do things that is not on my daily schedule. On Thursdays I am only supposed to be cleaning the restrooms on the basement floor and then do the trash and composting on all floors and the wet daycare but sometimes I do my normal schedule on that day because I forget that on Thursdays I have less tasks. but yet when I had a schedule where I had to dust a different section on each day, that was easy to remember because Monday was on the left right right and then the next day it would be on the right left side and on Wednesday it would be on the other end of the floor on the left end and so on. The reason why it was so easy to remember was because it made it easier for me to know what day of the week it was so if I had to dust the east side on the right, I would know it was a Thursday. Then when I had a schedule that was the same everyday, and then had a schedule that changed every Friday because that is the day I always clean the east daycare, it’s easy to forget because it’s not on my daily task. Sometimes co workers have to remind me and I have gone home without doing it without even realizing it until Monday when they told me. I would think I cleaned it. Then just today I am about to clock out and I remember I had to do the east daycare so I went back up to my floor where I keep my cart and got the vacuum and went to the main floor. I went into the daycare and another co worker there was in there cleaning and I had a social blunder and went non verbal when she said “Did you forget?” and I said “probably.” No not probably, why did I even say this? I did almost forget. Then she starts talking and I can’t even speak so I am just shrugging and she tried to get me to use the backpack vacuum but I feel more comfortable using the dust most to sweep the floors. It’s what I am used to so I feel comfortable with that than doing a awkward change.


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